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Fire rate vs additional damage



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I'm of the opinion that higher damage trumps fire-rate in most cases.  That caters to my playstyle because I like to focus on headshots and/or weakpoints.  Though if you're the type that prefers to just blast in the general direction of enemies, maybe fire-rate is better?  
It really is a case of what you like best, so test it out.

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I use the Fulmin a lot (still my go to weapon of choice). Increased fire rate feels good if you use the alt fire a lot, but if you use the primary fire, like i tend to do, I prefer having a bigger bang per shot.

As others have said, mod for who you're fighting and what their quirks are. Theres no one build to rule them all scenario

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2 hours ago, Shatterling said:

weapon with unlimited amo (Fulmin), where DPS is concerned

Infinite reserves or not, DPS should also take into account reload / recharge times,
sites like Warframe Builder or Overframe have a "Sustained DPS" entry you could use for that.

2 hours ago, Shatterling said:

would I be better off with the combined fire rate of Primed Shred and Speed Trigger or the additional e damage of Stormbringer?

As was mentioned, it kind of depends on the rest of your build.

For best results, you may want as many different multipliers as possible
(base damage + multishot + elements + crit + fire rate) without overly focusing on any one of them,
since you get diminishing returns the more you stack the same multiplier.

Also, just to make sure, that Stormbringer you're thinking about using,
that's in addition to a Heat or Toxin Mod you've already got on there, right?
Because pure Electricity damage is rarely the best option.

Mind, personally, I'd go for something like Viral + Hunter Munitions, so no +Elec in any case.

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Higher damage means status procs hit harder. Faster fire rate means you can apply more of them in a shorter amount of time. 

In cases like Corrosive Heat, you'd likely want base damage to hit harder on initial shots for armored enemies. 

With Viral Electric, you'd want more fire rate to stack DoTs more quickly, and cap Viral as soon as possible. 

There are also cases where there is a maximum damage input cap on enemies, such as Lephantis. Base damage would be a wasted option in this case, while Multishot and Fire Rate thrive. 

In the case of Fulmin specifically, I would recommend fire rate. 

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Firerate on the Fulmin is a bit of a mixed bag. With Shred or Primed Shred, the primary firemode doesn't really benefit all that much from it. The secondary does, but if you don't have Primed Shred I wouldn't go for it. There's also the ammo reserves to take into account. I think Fulmin has 40. Which is "ok". Firerate is going to deplete that fairly quickly. So you'll want to aim with it as if you're using a sniper. Firerate is a good stat. It's not as good as multishot, but firerate increases instant DPS by a lot, especially if you're using Viral on the build or Corrosive, since there's no more 100% armor removal for Corrosive and it stops at 10 stacks.

Go to the Simulacrum and test between the two. I definitely would not go for double firerate increase on this weapon.

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