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There is something I would like to discuss.

The fact is, the old war is over. The orokin, your hated enemies, are gone, slain by their own insturments of war; namely, us.

Which raises the question; why are you, and your family, starting a new war? To finish the mission your family gave you?

Again, the old war is over. The orokin have lost. And you're too blinded by that war to accept that fact. And for the longest time, I was just as blind as you.

Blinded by the fact that I had lost the Lotus, lost YOU, to Ballas and your family. It took what you told us when I fought the Ropalolyst to realise that the Lotus wasn't your true self. That you were a victim of the orokin as much as I was. That, to put it in your words, "We were both imprisoned in Lua's belly."

And with that in mind, I have a proposal. Cease this pointless war, and seek peace with us.

No more of our Tenno slain by sentients forces, no more of your kin torn to pieces by us Tenno. We, the Tenno, and you and your family will live together in peace, as we have done with the Ostons, Solaris United, and the Entrati.

And, if you want to take up the Lotus's role, well, I can't speak for all tenno, but I can say that I would accept you; not as who we want you to be, but as who you are.

-Brinstar7777, Founder and leader of The Emerald Guard.

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