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Acolyte (Steel Path) AI issues with stealth


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Steel Path Acolyte AI has issues with stealth. Simply put, it appears that their "main AI" is properly searching for the Tenno that they know is present but haven't seen/heard, but their attacks are activating independently of their alert state and don't have a stealth check. These are in solo runs, so no host+client issues. It results in several wierd events, for example: 

Malice will stand completely still and wait to see/hear you, but his Optictor will still constantly have a bead on you and fire independently (usually into terrain, since he doesn't move). Malice will not even be turning to face you, and instead will have the beam fire out sideways/backwards from the weapon. 

Torment also fires almost constantly and rarely (randomly) moves, similar to Malice but does seem to change facing sometimes. 

Mania will run around randomly searching like other melee units, but if you come within Lacera range he will still use the grab/strike combo. 

Misery also searches at random, but his Void Shades are spawned as if he had you targeted and approach as if you weren't stealthed. 

Angst runs around, teleports to you, then continues running because she doesn't actually have any idea where you are. Will repeatedly teleport to you and run away, then eventually seems to give up and just stand there. 

Any of them will also suddenly turn and strike if you get within a certain range of them, even if you didn't touch them, but that can be kind of a cool "ninja vs ninja" moment so I'd put that as a lower-priority to look at 😉 

It's really unfortunate that it's working this way, because it encourages playing Steel Path as either a beefy high-DPS build or abusing cheese combos, since playing a space ninja game as a space ninja runs into issues.  

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I've also seen this kind of behavior, but let me add another one regarding Mania -> If you are using Umbra, switch to Operator and Umbra decides to blind Mania while you're using Void Mode, Mania will see the Operator as if it was never invisible.


I am guessing that this behavior should also happen with other Acolytes, but they don't really live long enough for me to witness it. Mania does, due to its initial attack at Melee range applying LIFTED status (... I honestly didn't understand why DE changed that particular attack from being one of the later attacks in the same combo into the very first attack... But that's another matter entirely) which makes it seriously difficult to actually Melee its face.

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