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i cant login with a new account



every time i do the email verification it brings me to a captia then i try and do it i finish it and then it says RECAPTCHA VERIFY FAILED 

also if i put in my login info and i click log in it will tell me INACTIVE ACCOUNT. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR YOUR CONFIRMATION CODE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RESEND YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL, CLICK HERE if i click it brings me back to my first problem 

(btw i played on ps4 and now im trying to play on pc so i can play with my friends.

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44 minutes ago, Letter13 said:

Make sure you have any ad-blockers or third party extensions in your browser turned off when logging in/proceeding through captcha checks. Otherwise, you'll need to pass the captcha check in order to log in.

still thank you for trying to help me :D

although it didn't work 

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