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Kuva Siphon/Flood Mechanic needs some design changes


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I have played ~a lot~ of Kuva Floods. I have horded probably millions of Kuva for fun (no I'm not riven mafia lol, I roll rivens for my personal use).


There are some things that Kuva missions in general do well - high level, not a time drain, good variety in missions and tilesets. However, there are some pretty glaring issues with the actual Kuva siphon mechanic.

  1. Instructions are extremely unclear for new players. Whenever I run into low MR players, they usually don't know what to do because for some reason the instructions are given only upon successfully destroying a braid. Wtf? If I already know how to do it, the instructions are meaningless. If I don't know how to do it, Lotus is literally just saying useless things like "That machine, it's using your energy. This is bad, destroy it." or "No time for questions, destroy that thing" with no regard to HOW to destroy it.
  2. The current design actually encourages failure. As I've said, I've played a ton of Kuva Floods, and thus there is a somewhat popular strategy that involves actually LETTING the siphon suck clouds. Why? So that we can wait for our Smeetas to roll a resource buff and get double Kuva. This is really poor design, because you're not only not getting punished for failing to destroy the cloud, but sometimes actually rewarded for merely waiting. (I used to do this by AFK camping as Limbo in his passive rift, although that's a separate poor frame design discussion lol. Now that I have several million Kuva, I don't bother anymore since it's objectively kind of a waste of time, but occasionally I run into other players that do.)
  3. The current design doesn't really directly reward you for destroying Kuva clouds. There's no actual reward for destroying four braids without failing; you would get the exact same reward (excluding Smeeta buff) if you destroyed four braids with 7/8 failures.

So as usual, I'll outline potential solutions hoping DE will implement them.

  1. As mentioned, DE added some Lotus voicelines for siphons but it's not helpful if you don't know how to do the siphon. This solution is easy, just flip it so that Lotus tells you how to do it if you fail to destroy the cloud.
  2. I'll combine the solutions to 2 and 3 into one. There should be a fixed amount of Kuva spawns (maybe 4-8, depending on level). Instead of giving all the Kuva in one large load once the siphon is destroyed, Kuva should be intermittently rewarded for destroying a Kuva cloud. If you fail to destroy a cloud, then you simply don't get the Kuva from that cloud. This does three things: it directly rewards correct play, punishes failure, and discourages blatant AFK strats. I also know that some tiles have really terrible spawns (Ceres, Deimos, Corpus Ship), so those should  have the cloud spawns moved a little further from the siphon so that the spawns are fair.

Now, this might get a ton of hate by other Kuva farmers, so let me justify parts of it. There are some times in the current design where you get the buff too early before the siphon has been found; it might expire a couple seconds too early - well too bad no double Kuva. If this change is implemented, you might still get double Kuva on some clouds before your buff expires, and the remaining clouds aren't doubled but it's better than if none were doubled right?

Hopefully DE will implement these changes since it's fairly simple and would be a positive step towards better mission design. Thanks for reading.

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