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Warframe Concept: Quetz


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First off, let me apologize for my bad hand writing and sub-par art skills. This is meant more for an idea rather than a strict original character. 

Reasoning behind the design: a friend and I noticed that there are quite a few warframes based of mythology and deities, yet there doesn't seem to be any for South America. I've always loved dragons, so i said, "Hey, a quetzalcoatl warframe would be cool." So I made one, based of the Quetzalcoatl and Aztec death god Mictlantecuhtli. Here is, in order, his lore, possible abilities, and pictures. 


Lore/ Quest:

After completing the War Within and Profit Taker quests, go see Biz at Fortuna. Biz will start off by saying, "Tenno, good timing. I've heard interesting news. Apparently those money-loving scums have found what looks like an abandoned Orokin lab. My sources tell me the records located in the lab says there is an experimental warframe being contained there. Why would a warframe need to be contained? I dont know, but it sounds dangerous. We wouldnt want the Corpus to get their hands on such a powerful weapon, or release something catastrophic. Luckily, parts of the lab are sealed off and they haven't managed to find it yet. You need to get in there, and either free this warframe and make it our ally, or destroy it before the Corpus get it. They're already killing this planet and its wildlife, so we need all the help we can get."

After finding the lab, you sneak in using spy mission tactics, the switch to extermination. Along the way, you find Orokin records which state how they captured this warframe during the war after some of them became violent. They experimented on him by adding more infested flesh, then when that didn't produce interesting results they added animal DNA and parts, and eventually void energy. He began to mutate more and more, until one day his mutated DNA gave him the ability to control how he mutated, like shapeshifting. He turned into a dragon, and rampaged against the Orokin. they managed to subdue him, but in the end they abandoned him and the lab. When you reach the warframe, you free him. He jumps out of his cryopod and lands on one knee in front of you. He looks up, and then becomes aggressive. He turns into his dragon form, and you have to fight him, like an assassination. Once beaten, he changes back to warframe form and you enter operator form. You enter his head and see how hurt he is. How the experiments broke him, and the sorrow he feels for the creatures killed to be used as parts on him. You show him how the wildlife of The Vallis is almost gone because of the Corpus, and he becomes angry. He agrees to help you help them, then vanishes into void energy. Upon returning to Biz, he explains, "I see you found him. A bird with bright green and red feathers flew in here and gave me these before disappearing from where it came. How odd." He then hands you the blueprints for the wraframe Quetz and all his parts. 


Possible Abilities: 

Passive: When ally or ally companion enters bleedout state, gain +10% ability damage. Stacks up to +30%. All abilities work off a meter mechanic. [similar to nidus.]

1st: Life Strike. Target enemy, then spring at them. A successful jump and latch will stun target and deal damage. This ability grants Quetz one stolen life if it lands.

2nd: Fell Beasts. Consume stolen lives to summon vengeful spirts of the wild to attack enemies. Summons 1 spirit per life consumed, up to 5 at level 3. Press for 1 beast, hold for maxium amount. If the beasts kill an enemy, they grant 1 stolen life per kill. This is duration based, and the beasts will disappear at the end of duration.

3rd: Manifest. Use you mutations to your advantage. Press to switch different buffs. Hold to cast selected buff on self. Buffs are duration based but can not be used together. casting a new buff on self will refresh duration but also replace previous buff. 

Buff 1: Grow an extra set of arms, granting self +50% melee attack speed, +50% melee damage. Scales with strength.

Buff 2: Grow an armor carapace on you back. +500 armor, +1000 shield -25% sprint speed. Scales with strength.

Buff 3: Grow wings. + 30% movement speed. Applies to all movement, including sprint speed, fire rate, reload, and melee. Immune to knockback and knockdown while this buff is active. Scales with strength. 

4th: Unleash. Unleash your true form and become a feathered serpent. Consumes all stolen lives. duration increased by 6s per life consumed. Minimum 4 lives consumed, which equals 24 seconds. Consume up to 10 stacks, which equals 60 seconds. While in this form, receive -50% damage from all sources, +25% movement speed. Cannot use weapons in this state, but can use abilities. Pressing the [fire weapon button] will spit napalm fire and infectious needles at enemies. Deals damage and causes heat and toxin, and has a splash radius. Pressing the [melee attack button] will cause you bite, lurching in the direction you're facing. Deals damage to enemies within range, causing slash and toxin. Damage increases with ability strength, and duration can be increased with duration mods. 


Side Note:  All comments and feedback are welcome. Please keep in mind this is not meant to be the exact character abilities or quest. Just my ideas for how they can make it fit into game. I always felt like the animals of The Vallis needed more attention/ story. I've also been thinking a shapeshifter warframe would be cool, so I mixed that with my other ideas and made this. Here are the pictures, please excuse their poor quality; I did them on paper. 




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