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My squad went to: Clustril (Phobos): Research Facility Ambush - 47m - 4200cr - Banshee Helmet (Blueprint)


And it was a mobile defense.


However, upon completion of the defenses(there were 2, on a tower), there are no exits. Every exit is either locked, or leads to a room with only 2 exits, 1 leading back to the central room, the other one also locked.


They are red (disabled door type) locked. We are trapped.


There was an excessive number of regulators, if that matters, floating around. The waypoints were marked badly to begin with--at the start, the waypoint was merely marked off map, following it lead to a dead end, so we just worked our way through the level following the path of most resistance(where there's live grineer, we should go there(and fix it!)).


I have NO IDEA why all of the paths are locked, but they are, and we apparently can't even back track to our insertion point(that door is also locked).

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Um... a member of my squad apparently found a way out while I was posting this(after 10 minutes of running in circles, plus however long I was typing...


He never said how, and everyone else abandoned the squad before he did so. o.0

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