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Is Scintillant impossible to get?

I ran multiple bounty 2, not a single drop despite failing the bonus objective of each phase.

I ran multiple isolation vault 1, it also never drops the Scintillant x3.

Anyone knows of a better way to get Scintillant than running these two?

Does opening the obelisk have a chance to drop Scintillant?

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RNG is not on your side. Isolation Vaults usually have one or two Scintilant hovering up and down in certain areas. It's always in the same areas, like the area with a big door and two stairs leading down on either side. There can be a Scintilant hovering there. Hard to miss as they are huge. You'll need to jump through them to pick them up. Sometimes will spawn in larger open areas like the one with the big mouth thing in the center.

Necralisk bounty 2 is probably your best bet. 18% chance on the first section is pretty good chance. You're just getting unlucky. I've gotten loads of Scintilant just playing randomly.

I wouldn't bet on the Isolation vault 3x drop. That has a 2% drop chance.

Obelisks don't have Scintilant.

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14 minutes ago, Wyrmius_Prime said:

I got all mine from just spotting the random spawns in the Isolation vaults and killing necramechs.

Yea, they spawn fairly often and I got a whole lot just playing those too. Once you know where they spawn and what to look for you should be getting one every other vault run on average.

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