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Primed Chamber



I know this mod was part of the informant event, unfortunately I wasn't there for it. I would like to know if they have incorporated this mod into the game as a rare mod? I would really like to get it since the new vectis was released. I currently have charged shot but 40% compared to 100%, would be awesome. I think they stack as well.

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They brought the ammo mutation mods back, I mean surely they should at least bring this back.

should =/= might

they might bring it in, they might not.

iirc, it was suppose to be an exclusive mod.

i wouldnt mind if they did, but i dont really care if they dont honestly.

that said, DE will do what DE wants.

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its not in the loot pools atm.

no word on if/when they ever plan to put it in either.


Most probably put as a reward to future events.


Hang tight OP, I also missed this one because of "exploit" that happened during the drone event. Really hope it'd be available for us soon.

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