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Steel Path Bounty in Fortuna was very messy.


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It took 3 times to do it and the last time I had to solo it because nobody else does these.

First bounty the game crashed during the capture canisters phase.

The next attempt at the bounty failed on the second stage, right after the waypoint first appeared on map. Before even being able to reach the waypoint, it said 'bounty failed' as we were flying to it. When we got there it said kill 40 enemies before timer. When we did that 40/40 enemies the whole bounty just disappeared like it never existed.

The last attempt was an ugly mess. Thank goodness the drone I had to protect appeared to be invincible because 1 of the giant spider enemies was impossible to kill and would have destroyed the drone otherwise.

Something about the scaling is making an enemy hit too hard to instant fail a stage? And that giant spider shouldn't spawn in a defense mission. It can't be beaten.

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