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On-Call Crew Weapons Setup


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Apparently, when playing Railjack, your Crew uses your weapons, complete with all mods.

However, if you use On-Call to summon one in Normal Starchart, they don't use Riven mods. ??But all other mods stay in place??


OK, so if that's true, it occurs to me that I should mod my weapons differently depending on which game mode I am playing.

If the elemental damage type is tied to a Riven for example, the Crew will have very different results, So I'd better account for it.


So there's the problem, I need a way to specify a Weapon Config (A,B,C) to my Crew. And it needs to be different for when I am playing RJ vs Starchart.

DE: could you please set that up? Add the option to my RJ Crew menu? use Weapon Config A during Empyrean, Config B during Starchart? so one config can assume Rivens work, and the other doesn't?


Alternately, just let my On-Call Crew use Rivens...... that would be a lot simpler.....

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