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Dojo pictures not loading


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It's insanely irritating..... I have found that spamming through your transporters then opening the decoration menu loads a chunk of the icons and resolves the issue for that chunk during that entire session in the dojo. Walking through all of your dojo also helps, but spamming through the transporters is faster. However, to fill out the entire list you have to keep doing this for like 5 whole minutes... and you have to do that every time you return to your dojo to decorate... Sometimes at the very end it breaks and unloads a bunch of decorations... it seems to be the same ones every time as well. If this happens you have to leave the dojo and start the process over again which is infuriating. It even happened with Baro's wares last time he showed up. I have talked to many other people about this and they all still have this issue. It seems to have been introduced with the Tempestarii update, which was over a month ago, which is a long time for a major bug to still not be fixed. What I do know is that there seem to be some spattering of the same decoration icons that do consistently load before it hangs. If I had to take a wild guess based on the fact that forcing parts of the dojo to load and unload forces some of the icons to load before it hangs again, is that it has something to do with something else in the dojo hanging, something that has priority in loading order over icons. Maybe it's far away rooms that shouldn't load and maybe aren't loading but the game thinks they are or something like that, that would make sense to me because I assume it wouldn't cause much more lag in the dojo, which I haven't really observed. If it was actually loading and unloading stuff over and over you would probably notice.

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