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Alad V-related quest: Corpus Combat Frames


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Alad V has something in the works, something relating to the tenno. Your job is to find out what.

You're in your orbiter when you here something. A voice calling out for you, apparently coming from your personal quarters. Entering them, you're suprised to see a ghostly figure of void energy, in the shape of a girl roughly the size of a Ventkid. She reaches out with her hand, and you touch her palm. Suddenly, a vision fills your head.


Alad V is tapping on a panel in his laboratory, a Zanuka napping by his side. Finished, he looks up from the panel to an inactive warframe on the dissection equipment.

"Transference signals cut. Perfect. Emy?"

A small corpus girl, with the exact body type of the ghostly figure in your orbiter, steps up to the inactive warframe. She steps towards the warframe, and reaches up to it. 

She hesitates.

"Emy, you know that the investors aren't going to be eager to invest in this new project if you aren't going to listen to me." The Zanuka at Alad V's feet looks up at 'Emy', a low, synthesised growl eminating from it's voicebox. 

And that does it. She steps into the warframe, in a flash of transference energy. for a long second, nothing happens. Then, the Warframe comes to life, glancing around in suprise.

Alad V looks down at the panel. "Perfect. Transference energy is at 102%. You excede expectations. But that's enough screwing around."

Alad V does something on the panel, and then 'Emy' comes tumbling out of the warframe.

"Looks like my Corpus Combat Frames might just work..."

First mission start:

You stumble backwards, back in the orbiter.

"Operator, are you okay?!" Ordis apparently noticed your little vision quest.

"I... saw something. A little girl. Alad V-"

"A little girl? What do you mean?"

"Ordis, check for recent transference signals. Ones NOT produced by me."

"I have a hit, but these signals are different than others. They appear to be from Tenno to Tenno, not Tenno to Warframe-."

"Check the location from which the transmission came."

"It's Alad V's laboratory, on Jupiter."

"Prep for deployment. We're gonna pay Alad V a visit."

"What?! Why? You do realise Alad V regularly kidnaps and disects warframes! You're putting both your life and your warframe at stake here!"

You transfer into your warframe.

"I have a feeling that it isn't just my life at stake here."

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