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[Suggestion] Group Whispers


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I've been thinking about this for a while and because I'm a mute I tend to have issues communicating in game with people who are not in my party or clan/alliance. I don't always have the luxury of using 3rd party applications like steam or discord to communicate as well so I was wanting to propose the idea of creating group whispers, essentially the idea is the same as group DM's or group chats in other things where u invite a bunch of people into it and be able to communicate with that group of friends similarly to how u would with clans or alliance chats. I believe this could be a (hopefully) simple solution to a problem most people probably don't have but I definitely know several others who would benefit from something like this being added into the game even if its not some major problem for the majority of the community, it really would be an appreciated addition to accessibility to a part of the community that probably doesn't vocalize about this (not really all that big) issue.

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