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Harkonar Wraith Issues


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I have been using this set for a while and loved it at first, as a alternative texture to a old grineer armor i found it refreshing, but i have problems with it.

Firstly the accent lines, pictured in white, throw off the look of the armor, even when colored to blend in with other colors they stand out with a sort of off grey outline. disrupting the appearance of the whole set, this is also a issue on the syandana but it really stands out on the armor.

Second, a less destracting issue but it does stand out once you become used to the set is that it's very blurry. this shows especially well with bright colors. i don't know if it's due to it being a lower scale texture than the normal Harkonar set or if it may be less refined model than things like the kuva armor set but it looks really complex and disorganized even though the normal set isn't, this seems to be a problem with alot of grineer armor, too much going on and it breaks the illusion of alot going on, compare tp base harkonar armor.cleanarmor.pngbadaccentlines.png

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