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Frames Of Solitude (Nz And Aus Players)


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Greetings fellow tenno.

I am the warlord of the clan, Frames of Solitude, and would like to extend an invite to any New Zealand and Australian players who are online for at least 3 days a week.  Our dojo is fully built (except decorations) with a duel room (maybe a second on the way), 5 gardens, Parkour course, Labs, and reactors and free nodes to last us the next 4 large dojo updates.  All research is finished, and the only resources needing to be contributed will be for decorations (gotta make our clan look good).  We have all the clan halls, with the two largest halls being the focal point and allowing for easy travel between interactive rooms.  We have a steam group, where the rules are put up (nothing pathetic), and through which I manage the clan in part (if you don't have steam, that is fine).  No level requirement, no shooter experience requirement, and only the thought that you are going to be playing warframe for a while to come.  All members of the clan can host the dojo, and I look for people who deserve promotions, and give them accordingly.  I try to kick players who do not log in for an extended period of time (without explanation such as school exams, job commitments, or family obligations) as to keep the clan active.  My steam user is Starfreak911 with a blue flaming skull as profile image if you want to add me, and leave a comment below to join the clan,

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