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Please seperate Kavat Armor into individual pieces


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Unlike Warframe armor, Kavat armor only comes in a whole package right now.

There are some really well designed pieces for your space cat out there, but many of them will hide their beautiful heads.


This is what peak unarmored cat beauty looks like



Now, let's put something on that Kavat, to show everyone that we like to spent plat on our little RNG enhancers


Oh no, my cat is now blind!

The face that lead to dozens of frozen kittens, is now entirely hidden! I want to show off my cat, not hide it in shame! This isn't a pugavat!


This is my 2nd most favorite kavat armor, do you know how many times I carried this into a mission?


Once!! Beautiful scarf, but why does it have to hide my cats eyes yet again? If this beauty was an adaraza kavat, would it even be able to use its abilities?!


This has lead me to exclusively using this one armor, for almost 5 years.


This armor set makes your kitty into more of an eye catcher without hiding the face, actually, the headpiece of this armor set is hardly even visible, perfect!



Now, what if we could combine armor sets, what if they would be individual pieces instead?

Ready for even more pictures, but this time horribly stitched together?



I alwas thought the "blind mage" set had sweet shoes, wouldn't you want your kitty to have some kicks for the ice fields of venus?



Here's the spaceship armor combined with the umbra scarf (just pretend I didn't cut it off), pretty cool huh?


I'll leave the other armor combinations and better coloration to your imagination.



Seperate kavat armor into individual pieces, allows for more customization, might drive sales up if a players only likes a single piece of an armor set.


And before you mention it, Kubrowho?

(You could do the same for dogs, but this is as much as I am going to mention them)

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