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Regarding Resource Popups...

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Having rare resources like Argon Crystals pop up on the screen is nice. But I've noticed an increasing trend in using this for... every... resource. All (or at least MANY) Deimos resources cause a popup, as do Railjack resources.

In Railjack missions this is especially problematic. The popups I want to see are those from wreckage and mods. However, I usually have to wait 15-20 seconds for all the resources to finish popping up to see what I actually got. This makes it REALLY difficult to discern where your loot actually came from, as you might've blown up a Crewship 30 seconds ago and have the part show up while you're killing normal fighters.

A nice middle ground might be to allow players to set "tracked" resources that'll pop up as you get them. 

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