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I have a though or a propose for the companion ๊ง‚


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Have someone ever thinked of a bird alike or flying companion, as a bird lover I think that would be awesome, since the variety of fauna they are implementing, it would be pretty or interesting to have one companion with feathers.ย ๐Ÿฆ


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2 hours ago, EltaoTaOMFG said:

flying companion

Just slap the "parrot" (Para) skin on Carrier :P

Seriously though, while more Companion variety would be cool, I'd rather see some work done on the existing ones first.

The whole survivability issue aside (make Companions universally immortal already goshdarnit),
there's AI to improve upon for Pets, they should IMO just get a proper weapon slot,
and in general the lesser-used Companions need buffs, not least Kubrows on the whole are just ... eh.

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