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Crewmates Mods / (ones used on WFs?), and the 3+1 System for AI Crew and Tenno.


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So basically, it makes sense as we head into the future of things that we be able to also put mods onto our people helping us like we can Appearance and Primary Weapons.

To also however keeping things simple while keeping also on the trends of Mods I had this idea;
That Either Per Person or rather than Per Person That we can assign Mods to the Slots  such any crew in those slots just use the mods associated with it.


Which would people prefer?   Also, again the idea of having Rank 10 on Commander being to add +5 more points assignable and maybe that of "Boosted Alliance".

Basically that we are given a +1 Innate RJ Crew Slot that just comes with the RJ itself and that said "D Spot" or such spot on the team also be one that stays with you even if you have +3 Tenno with you,  such as is now that  ABC slots are gained from Ranking Up the Commander Intrinsics tree,  that you start with said D-List personnel member that is perma to the Ship Crew along with the Host....   Giving you a  Host +4  system.   Host and 4 AI , or  Host + 1 AI and +3 Tenno , on the same current flexible system used now.  

And with this also then at rank 10,  so we would have a max of +8 assignable points and a +2 Points to Allies +1 Neutrals for another max +3 or +4 on crew can have, to go with the base 8 or base 10 points a crewmember can have depending on how are hired or what are hired for as the trade from  Ticker.

There are 4 'Jobs' and 5 points per job for a max of 20 points needed to 5star all stats.


10 points base and 10 points left to max,  having +3 +5 for a +8 Assignable points +2 from an Allied Crew bonus would allow us to have a maxed 20/20 grew easy... well, in a way that is easy to understand such one has done the work to make it WORTH getting to rank 10 Commander Intrinsics.    Speaking of which...   Again, would people prefer said "D-List" Crew being Innate or where on the Intrinsics Tree up it should we get said person?


And should said  "Allied Crew Members" bonuses be a Rank 8 or rank 10 unlock?  To go with the "Odd Crew"  option,
To go with having a Lich,  we would have said 2 other  ABC people,  with the Lich as able to go in D-List maybe to make it a full set., Perhaps.


Feel free to share Thoughts, Feeling,  Suggestions and Ideas  in the comments below.   Is this a good natural direction to take things?
*(again with the assumption made that of plans to have  "Steel Path" , Sortie , and Arbitrations modification options added for  Railjack  content.)

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