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[Resolved] Switch PSA: Amazon Prime Account Login Issue

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Hey Nintenno,

We’re aware that Nintendo Switch players are unable to log in when linking to an Amazon Prime account. This issue is similar to one we saw on Xbox a few weeks ago. Because of that, the team was able to quickly figure out what was wrong and prepared a fix.

The fix requires a native code change, which means we can’t submit it in a hotfix. We’ll need a cert-approved build and are working with Nintendo to get one to you as quickly as possible! We’ll get your Amazon Prime Gaming perks back up and running then.

We’ll let you know in this thread as soon as we have a definitive date to ship the fix. Thank you for your patience, Nintenno.

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We have integrated a cert-approved fix in today's Dog Days update! We will let you know here when Prime Gaming is back in action after some testing and confirmation.


Fixed inability to login if you had an Amazon Prime account linked, as made aware in our PSA. Not only does this resolve the login issue, this also allows Prime Gaming Rewards to be claimed!


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Prime Gaming Rewards are back online for Nintendo Switch! Amazon Prime members can claim the Stezia Sumbha Syandana and Prime Gaming Verv Collection:

Thank you again for your patience, Nintenno!

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