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Corpus Shield gating with Moa variants headshot not working as intended.


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Hello, wanted to get this out there. 

DE implemented shield gating for enemies, how it would reduce the damage by how much ever percent if not taking a shot to the head if the shot would outright kill the enemy.

I felt that Moa became WAY tankier after the change, and just recently tested this and realized that their "head" weak spot for bypassing shield gating is not working.

(I have come to be pretty consistent placing headshots with a 12 Forma Rubico.)

Video tagged below. I am using Arcane Consequence to prove I am getting headshots in the test. Notice when I shoot the "head" of the Moa I get the Arcane Consequence buff, but my damage doesn't bypass the shield gate as intended. The numbers are astronomically lower when the gate is not bypassed. Getting a shot to the "backpack" on the other hand which isn't a headshot, grants full shield gate bypass. Before the Shield gate change you would get headshot bonus damage from hitting a moa in the "head" as well as the "backpack" 

Easily reproduced results.  Ospreys however take full damage to the "head", and are not affected by this bug.

Fix? Patch shield gate bypass to moa variants "head"



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