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I've been playing Warframe for 4,300 hours since 2019 and this is my only feedback.

Warframe has by far the worst crosshair design AND crosshair customization(none) I have seen.

At least give us the option to disable it.


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... Or, just do it like me, choose a gray color so that it blends with pretty much everything in the environment... Just by doing that, I've minimized the annoyance caused by the crosshair by a factor of 9000...


... Its a bit problematic aiming with the character because aiming with the crosshair is useless 99% of the times... But choosing a gray color for it is, perhaps... the best of both world that DE can offer without pretty much having to remake the game just to add the option to disable it...

... It works, if you change the rest of the crosshair color variants to their neutral, or darker, tones.


... I personally would like to have the option to completely disable it, but I can work with the color customization we have right now.

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