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Exploiter Orb and Coolant Raknoids in Fortuna?


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This is my first forum post.
I'll get to the point straight away.
So earlier this afternoon,I was doing the Thermia Fractures with a squad. Our loadouts consisted of Frost,Nyx and Limbo primes. I can't exactly remember the number of fractures we sealed but it was worth of 31 points.
Before me and the Nyx user left,the Frost user left before we did.
After a few more fractures,we have decided those ones to be our final. So after all of that,we left the Vallis and headed back to Fortuna only for me to find the Exploiter Orb and its Coolant Raknoids around the elevator's entrance falsely attacking anyone so I decided to take screenshots,a gif and a very short clip.
Here's the video and screenshots:



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