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Titania Razorwing control issues


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I have 2 bugs present with Titania.

1) When in Titania's Razorwing mode, she gets influenced by certain environmental effects such as the Plains of Eidolon geysers and the air currents in certain corpus tilesets. This would be fine, if it weren't for the fact that the momentum given doesn't end until you exit Razorwing mode.

2) When using Thermal Sunder on Titania via the Helminth, a similar situation happens occasionally where, if you spam Thermal Sunder while in Razorwing mode, she gets a strong upwards current applied to her, forcing her to the ceiling. This fades sometimes, other times exiting Razorwing removes the issue. But this is a very annoying thing to have happen, especially since it's extremely common.

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