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How do you guys survive and use harrow well in Steelpath?



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On 2021-05-20 at 10:05 AM, (NSW)MegaCoolRulez said:

I finally got harrow yesterday and I've tried him in SP, but I'm having a bit of a hard time to survive with Harrow, especially against Acolytes. 
What should I do?

Harrow's first ability restores shields and gives overshields and CC's enemies.  It's his main tool of survival and is fairly effective if you understand shield gating.     The important thing is to throw some chains on some enemies as soon as your shield goes down.   You'll have about a second of invincibility in which to do this.    Harrow's Fourth ability is for damage.   It gives him invincibility for a time,  but its main use is to absorb incomming damage and convert that damage to extra crit chance.   The crit chance bonus is flat additive,   so it works on even low crit chance weapons.      Harrow is amazing with (kuva)  nukor and other low crit chance high crit damage weapons for this reason. 

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