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Name : Kymu

Gender : Female

Description : Agile and lethal, he uses webs made of polymers that are impossible to break despite being as thin as the threads of a web, to dominate the battlefield, controlling enemies, and trapping them in lethal traps.


Hp : 110 (rank 30 : 330)

Shields : 110 (rank 30 : 330)

Armor : 175

Energy : 175 (Rank 30 : 300)

Speed : 1.25

Passive : Executing enemies will lock them in a clump of cobwebs for 6 seconds.

Ability 1

Quickly shoots threads that form a pattern similar to that of a spider's web, which traveling at terminal speed, cut through enemies, inflicting serious damage and killing overly damaged enemies.

Ability 2

It releases volatile threads that float and hang in the air, slowing down enemies that pass in between, and making connections between enemies within the ability at the same time. Links will cause status and damage effects to flow between enemies.

Ability 3

Tap : It releases a huge number of threads, creating an extremely dense web, which slows down enemies, trapping the bigger and heavier ones that will be wrapped in so many threads, that they can no longer move.

Hold : Once the threads have been released, you can have them stretch on command, causing lethal damage to fully trapped enemies, and severe damage to any other enemies in the web.

Ability 4

Transform your energy into a blood-red liquid, which will alter the effects of your abilities for a limited period of time, but the cost of skills will increase by 25%.

trasformed 1st ability : Soaked cobwebs will now have a 50% chance to kill any enemy, but will not deal damage, instead will inflict a movement speed penalty, and enemies hit will be more vulnerable to status effects and critical damage.

Trasformed 2nd ability : The soaked web threads will now be heavier, and will be thrown directly at enemies instead of hanging in the air. The fluid that the webs are soaked in will corrupt the minds of enemies, turning them into minions who will be by your side for a limited time (more minions, shorter duration), and when the skill ends, they will commit suicide.

Trasformed 3rd : (tap) In the trap of soaked cobwebs, tiny spiders will be born, which will voraciously devour enemies. (Hold) Instantly create large numbers of spider mites that will voraciously devour enemies trapped by webs. Spider mites will also spawn on enemies trapped by your passive ability.


This warframe is purely an experiment, and probably countless changes will be made (apart from adding an aesthetic, because I don't know how to draw), and for this I avoid entering detailed statistics. Tell me what you think in the comments. Any criticism is welcome (insults aside).

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