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The Problem with Frost's Snow Globe and Rhino's Iron Skin Absorbed Damage Mechanic


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Both has the same mechanic of absorbing damage from enemies during the invulnerability period upon activation and then convert it into health.

Snow Globe:


Upon activation, the globe is invulnerable for 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 seconds. Incoming damage that is absorbed during the invulnerability period is converted into health and added to the globe's health.

Iron Skin:


Upon activation, Iron Skin is invulnerable for 1.5 / 2 / 3 / 3 seconds. All incoming damage that is absorbed during this invulnerability period is converted into health and added to the buffer's health.

What's really the point? If my enemies can contribute a gazillion health for my iron skin in 3 seconds, they surely can strip them in the same amount of time. Here are a couple of my unoriginal suggestions:

1. Absorption Multiplier. Pretty simple. The absorbed damage is multiplied (Power Strength) before being converted into health.

2. Damage Reduction. Both abilities has Damage Reduction (Power Strength) after invulnerability period.

3. Damage Instance. Just like Revenant's Mesmer Skin. Instead of damage, they use attack instances. The problem is, Iron Skin is pretty much turned into Mesmer Skin.

4. Duration Based. Changing health into duration. Too powerful.


What do you think about this absorption mechanic? I don't have the creative brain of making a good suggestion so I'd love to hear yours.

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Conceptually, I get what you mean, they do both have similar functions.

I do think that Snow Globe could probably use some updating -- honestly, I feel like several of the old warframes need their kits re-considered. Not necessarily overhauled, but some better synergy between abilities would be nice. (ex: Like being able to improve the range of Ice Wave Impedance if you cast it inside Snow Globe.)

Keep in mind, however, that the two abilities aren't exactly the same -- both of them have different ways of greatly scaling their health (Iron Skin especially).
Snow Globe can stack with itself if cast in (roughly) the same spot, up to a total cap of 1 million health. For the majority of the game, that's plenty of potential health. If you have to worry about 1 million health getting demolished in less than 10 seconds after the invulnerability period, you're either doing an absurdly long endless mission (which isn't the focus of game balance), or you're running Steel Path. (Which also isn't the focus of game balance -- it's intended to be played as a squad, which is why it uses the spawn rate for a 4-player squad no matter how many players you have.)


As for Iron Skin, there are several mod combos that can make the total health of the armor absolutely nuts in comparison to the enemies' damage output -- I'll add those in a second with some references from friends who've taken screenshots.

Well unfortunately I can't seem to find the screenshots I know my friends have posted in our clan's discord server, but
It boils down to this:

Iron Skin isn't really all that useful if the majority of its health is based on absorbing damage during the invulnerability phase. It's still not a 'bad ability', because it works exactly as it should and it's generally a bad idea anyways to just stand in one spot and tank a ton of damage when you could try to dodge it instead.

So instead of just relying on the invul phase, boost your armor before casting it.
Boost it a lot.

The build my friends use has been dubbed "Godskin Rhino", because when you've got a shield of about 430k health, you can facetank basically anything except a nullifier bubble or the Stalker canceling your abilities

image in spoiler:



It relies on a combo of quite a few mods, but it's something that's mission-viable, as opposed to only being useful to demonstrate stuff in the simulacrum.

The build sacrifices duration and efficiency to get this level of protection, but it works as advertised.
Requires Ironclad Charge, as well as multiple armor-boosting mods (if you want to go all-out you could use the Umbra set mods, but that's either capacity-intensive, or you need to use Umbral Forma)

Synergizes with the combo of Synth Fiber, (which allows you to pick up health orbs even when you're at full health) and Health Conversion (which gives you up to 3 instances of +450 flat armor boosts for as long as you don't take damage), because you can then pick up those health orbs even while you've already got an active cast of Iron Skin.

Benefits heavily from Iron Shrapnel, which you can use to de-cast and re-cast Iron Skin whenever the health is getting low, rather than needing it to run out entirely.

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I've seen multi million health amounts on rhino based on mixing arcane tanker etc.

The original iron skin was a short duration invincibility followed by a long cooldown. 3 seconds of invincibility followed by, in theory, sustaining at least 3 seconds of fire thanks to that,
means 6 seconds of invincibility which I think is good because it's freaking invincibility.

With Frost it's pretty easy to spec for max efficiency and a lot of energy regen and simply cast another snow globe every 4 seconds, each of which will pile more health on top. If you do that 4 times, now you have at least 16 seconds of health piled on top. There might be circumstances where that isn't enough somehow, but I haven't encountered it. Keep in mind you have a lot of control over how much damage your globe takes as well. You can cast globe when there's a lot of heat on you wait 4 seconds, then cast avalanche to stop all that incoming fire, and your globe will definitely last a lot more than 4 seconds.

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On 2021-05-20 at 8:42 PM, acevezwing said:

If my enemies can contribute a gazillion health for my iron skin in 3 seconds, they surely can strip them in the same amount of time. 

You let a large group of enemies, or a really big source of fire power to charge your Iron Skin, then CC/thin their ranks so what's left deals a very small amount of damage instead..
It's what I do at 4 digit levels with Rhino. Let the horde charge me up, then stomp em, so the 1 or 2 enemies that manage to hit me during this time are doing a very small amount of damage to the Skin compared to having them all shoot at it at the same time.

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