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Lavos & Helminth


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So. There's... a couple complications, when it comes to Lavos making use of the Helminth system:

  1. Replacing any one of his abilities locks you out of using that element -- and all combos made from it -- for his Elemental Imbuement.
  2. You cannot use Elemental Imbuement on Helminth-granted abilities.

My suggestion here, is to offer a path to rectify this: If the ability that is infused by Helminth onto Lavos has a function that matches the element of the slot it replaced, or is thematically-appropriate, allow it to be used in Elemental Imbuement, both ways. Would work in all the ways that make sense; if an ability applies a status, also apply imbued element status; if an ability deals damage, also deal extra damage based on imbued element; if an ability grants a damage type to a weapon, also apply a (reduced) percentage of imbued element to said weapon.

  • Ophidian Bite: Nourish (as it adds toxin damage to weapons), Molt (the thing explodes in toxin damage), Elemental Ward (if set to Toxin; status chance also applies imbued element), Infested Mobility (infestation = toxin, can add Toxin to imbuing, but not consume imbuing since it has nothing to affect), Larva (infested; augment deals toxin damage, benefits from Imbuement)
  • Vial Rush: Ice Wave, Elemental Ward (if set to Cold; reflected bullets can also apply imbued element status), Petrify ('frozen' in stone; similar deal to Infested Mobility), Thermal Sunder (only casts Cold)
  • Transmutation Probe: Shock, Tesla Nervos, Elemental Ward
  • Catalyze: Fire Walker, Thermal Sunder (only casts Heat), Fire Blast, Elemental Ward


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I would love this, its never happening though. Part of the helminth philosophy is that while you can use it to benefit your frame, you may also lose key features.

Lavos is one of two frames that IMO are perfectly designed, and therefore helminth poses the greatest risk to them because you need all their abilities or the ability synergies are so effective that to remove them would be highly discouraged

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