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Name : Kageno

Gender : Male

Description : While Kageno is a skilled fighter and can be easily lethal to most enemies, Kageno prefers to stay in the shade, or as a shadow, and have enemies succumb under his abilities.


Hp : 150 (Rank 30 : 450)

Shields : 75 (rank 30 : 225)

Energy : 150 (Rank 30 : 225)

Armor : 350

Speed : 1.20

Passive : When you are in the shade or dark, your damage is increased by 50%, and enemies more than 20 meters away cannot see you.

Ability 1

Go from the real state to the shadow state. When you are in the real state, you are a common warframe and fight as such. While you are a shadow, you constantly regenerate life and shields, you are faster, undetectable to lasers and enemies, and the cameras need to frame you for at least 3 seconds before they see you, but you cannot use weapons and take damage when exposed to light.


Cost : 0

Cooldown : 1 second each 5 second in shadow form

Duration : unlimited

Life/shield regeneration : 15/s

Movement speed : + 35%

Damage when exposed to light : 20/s

Ability 2

Envelop the heads of the enemies you see and are in your vicinity with a suffocating shadow, which limits their field of vision, preventing them from activating alarms, and slowly suffocating them. While in the shadow state, you can execute enemies hit by this ability, and both range and power are increased by 50%.


Cost : 50

Range : 40 meters in a cone of dispersion of 65° in front of you, and 20 meters in an aura around you

Field of vision reduced to 35 meters

Suffocating damage : 5% their max hp as damage

Execution damage + 1.200%

Ability 3

Create a 360 ° wave that will stun enemies for 2 seconds, dissociating their shadows from them, and turning them into neutral soldiers. Shadow Soldiers will attack anyone, but damage taken by Shadow Soldiers will be entirely redirected to the enemies they belong to. When an enemy dies, their corresponding shadow soldier does too.

 When you activate the ability in normal state, shadow soldiers will tend to attack enemies, but will also be able to attack warframes if attacked. If you use the ability while in shadow, soldiers will deal + 200% damage to enemies, -50% damage to warframes, and redirected damage will be 300% of that taken.


Cost : 75

Radius : 20 meters

Duration : 20 seconds

Shadow soldier damage : 300% damage of the enemy associated

Ability 4

It creates an aura of darkness and shadows around you, which allows you to have your passive active even when you are in the light (in theory) and when you are in the shadow state, you take no damage from the light. When in the shadow state, the aura is much darker, and the absence of light in the aura causes a drastic drop in temperature, dealing continuous ice damage to enemies.


Cost : 50 + 7/s

Dps : 350/s (100% ice) (only in shadow form)


Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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13 hours ago, Leqesai said:

So is this some kind of weird Ash+Sevagoth+Mirage hybrid or something?

I was not inspired by any of the warframes you mentioned, the concept for this warframe came to me during a bout of insomnia.

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