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The next Set of updates Chroma's kit needs.


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Thanks to DE for at least getting the ball rolling with reworking Chroma. Here's some additional suggestions now that we have the function to switch elements. 


1. Change spectral scream to a  projectile that does damage on contact and leaves an aoe that does DOT. Damage type is same as the current element.. No changes to numbers. This just gives chroma a little cc and frees the player up to actually play the game instead of watching his boring vomit animation for little gain. Can be stacked up to 3 times (or three instances) and is no longer a drain over time ability. Status chance and stagger chance remain the same 100%.

2.  Let your second ability button cycle the element type. Feels more ergonomic on keyboard with default keys and the second ability is the one that gets the most use out of this key anyway. The animation should be a bit more clear to show which element is in use when the ability is in use, without affecting fashion frame. Changes to Ability 2 "Elemental Adaptation" a channeled ability: 

- Toxin (Chameleon) : Chroma takes a lower stance and blends in with the enviornment while healing slowly over time. Movement and armor are reduced. 

- Electric (Rajin) : Electric currents amplify chroma's reflexes granting increased reload and acrobats speed. Surges overshields and reflects damage with 100% electricity status change. Stats remain the same.

- Fire (Desolation) : Chroma's pelt causes an AoE of increasing fire damage and all attacks gain additional damage (Fury buff) as Chroma does damage. Using spectral scream while this is active will generate more Fury than regular attacks and Spectral Scream benefits more from Fury than any other attacks. 

- Ice (Eternal): Covers his scales in ice to reduce incoming damage. Scorn buff will also active when taking damage to Shields increasing his armor further. Other stats and mechanics remain.


Vex Armor: Chroma can store and maintain the currently active buff of Elemental Adaptation while increasing his total max Health and Armor for a duration (Greed buff). A second instance of Elemental Adaptation can then be activated. Refreshing Vex Armor will maintain the stored buff.


Effigy: Sends Chroma's pelt forward and detonates an AOE where it stops (like wisp's 2nd ability), from there it functions like a specter. It draws aggro, increases energy, credit and loot drops in the area.


The idea is the make him get stronger and more durable overtime, like a dragon. While giving him some tactical options. Getting chroma a fun interactive kit is the first goal, worry about the numbers after.

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