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Picking volume of different sounds


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TLDR; Not enough options to remove parts of the soundscape from the client.

In the Options menu there is an Audio section. This is lacking. We have to turn 1 option on, which enables all "sound effects" to hear Mandachord songs from chat or in editing for example, and this option turns on very many very annoying sounds that interfere with stuff. Every menu action has these harsh "boing, dash bonk, pling or bock" sounds etc.

I bought all the soundpacks and none come with more options to turn off. Some have more pleasant or bearable soundbytes for some things but its still annoying to have something repeat over and over and OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER!

If warframe was an operating system on a phone it wouldnt sell well. Almost everyone I've asked play without sound, for hte most part because of either the "sound effects" or the "speech". Buttonpress should not have to make one of 4 sounds, or no sound at the expense of also turning of other sounds.

Why not let the client have options to turn on/off certain soundeffects? This could decrease size of the client (on computer), possibly decrease lag, solve annoyances, let Tenno hear the beatiful sounds that are otherwise obscured.

I know its soundbytes stored with the client. These are highly customizable. Access to this is granted is most games. Like in GTA you can make your own soundbytes and speechresponses.

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