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Gara Prime: Update 30.3 PC QOL Preview!

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How are most of you not getting it the 600k in credits is the total reward for completing all junctions it's not given to new players when starting a game.geez some people just like to rant about anything even if they don't know what theyre ranting about because the can't read a sentence properly

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Maybe this is happening after the primary weapons rebalance endeavor, but with the addition of Liches to the roster of crewmates, and more specifically summonable crewmates, will there be ways to modify their weapons so they're effective in combat?

IDK if that means adding Lich mods, akin to companion mods, that allow us to buff them in certain ways (primary weapon damage skill damage, enemy taunt, etc.) or if simply allowing their weapons to receive our mod loadouts would be acceptable.


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