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Warframe Companions Survey + Results


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Hiho everybody!

On friday, I shared a survey about our favourite little pets and robots.

Today I want to show you the results!

But first up: If you haven't participated in the survey, then why don't you do so now?

More data is more good. I'll start updating things as soon as I get some more responses.




Imgur | Google Sheet


Past Surveys | Discord | Twitter | FAQ


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8 hours ago, Kaotyke said:

I still believe we need a "Claw" Weapon slot on companions.

100% agree.

I also wish if we can't get every pet to revive every 30-60 seconds we could just set  to be passive and not attack or take damage so we can just keep our radar and vacuum.

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  • Purzzle changed the title to Warframe Companions Survey + Results
Am 21.5.2021 um 18:15 schrieb Kaotyke:

I still believe we need a "Claw" Weapon slot on companions.

But should "claws" be able to use "Gladiator" mods? If no should they also be removed from sentinel weapon, because of balance issues?🤔🤔🤔

Sorry for the late quote.

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45 minutes ago, ES-Flinter said:

But should "claws" be able to use "Gladiator" mods? If no should they also be removed from sentinel weapon, because of balance issues?🤔🤔🤔

If I had to guess, they'd use the offensive mods that pets have, such as Bite, Maul, and any of the 60/60 elementals. I'm not sure how mods like Pounce and Sharpened Claws would fit (those would probably remain on the pet), and we'd need more mods added to fill up those slots.

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Here's both answers to the survey and my reactions to the results.

What Companions do you usually take with you on missions? What is their purpose?
Personal Answer: I usually stick with Helios so I can still get my Codex scans while focusing on the objective. I sometimes switch off, but regularly return to him.
Result Reaction: Not surprised people use Sentinels the most. They're just more reliable than the pets. While I love the pets and like that we can rev them, it's a hassle to keep up with the affection meter. I am surprised by the usage of everything else, though. I honestly find Kavats and Kubrows to be equally useful/useless, I haven't built any MOAs yet as I've swapped my Free Roam focus to finishing Cetus first, and I haven't had as much time with the new Infested pets to form a strong opinion one way or another.

Cats, Foxes, & Sentinels: How often do you take them with you? Mastery aside, is it worth investing in one?
Personal Answer: Mastery aside, I almost always have Helios Prime with me. Like I said, he's just too useful to ignore. I would highly recommend investing at least into base Helios and the upgraded Synthesis Scanner if you care about Codex at all. If not Helios, my first choice would be Carrier, but you can use whatever fits your play style best. Though I honestly believe that Shade is the weakest of the Sentinels, in terms of Precept utility.
Result Reaction: Again, I'm not at all surprised that Sentinels are the highest rated. But I am interested in the Kavat and Vulpaphyla results. I can see how the cats could be considered The Meta. Venari was fun, when I used Khora. The foxes seem a little situational, though. Like, they need to be a core aspect of your damage output kind of situational. Otherwise they just seem like more bland versions of what Sentinels can already do.

Dogs, More Dogs, & MOAs: How often do you take them with you? Mastery aside, is it worth investing in one?
Personal Answer: I never take Pets with me unless I'm Mastery Grinding. Are they worth it? Eh. I have no answer for the MOAs right now. For Kubrows, and the Infested dogs? Sahasa looks like it has amazing synergy with Frames that can stun enemies, and Helminth Charger was very obviously made for Nidus. The Predesites, like the Foxes, seem rather situational. I can very much see how they're the least used Infested Pet, due to Vulpaphylas having a respawn timer.
Result Reaction: Not surprising at all. The only Kubrow that seems to Synergize well is Sahasa, with the others being lesser versions of the Sentinels again.

Precepts & Variation: Do you switch Companions depending on the mission type you play? How important are the specific Precepts when choosing a Companion?
Personal Answer: No. As stated already, I stick to Helios 99.999% of the time. And I would treat Precepts as very important. They're your Companion's abilities, after all.
Result Reaction: No surprise here.

What changes would you prefer?
Personal Answer: Honestly, I'd prefer if they'd do away with the "Happiness Meter". But from the options here? I'm with the crowd again. Timed Revives all across the board. It'd require some Precepts to be altered, but I'd take that over what we have now.
Result Reaction: No surprises. The priority ranking of Timed Revive, Better AI, and More Tank is as expected.

What if: Augment Mods that build Warframe Synergy?
Personal Answer: That'd be interesting, given that the Finisher-enabling abilities are already that for some Warframes. Though, I honestly think it'd just add to the pre-existing Augment problem; that being that Augments take up useful slots that could be used for other things.
Result Reaction: Yeah, it's a neat idea. I can see the crowd on this one.

What if: Multiplayer Hub for Pets?
Personal Answer: So...what the Relays could already do, if they allowed your pets to follow you inside. I mean...I guess. If people want it. Doesn't personally effect me, though.
Result Reaction: Huh. I guess people want that?

What if: Personalities that effect behavior?
Personal Answer: The MOAs already have a bit that makes them do specific Idles. In terms of actual practical use? Nah.
Reaction Result: Huh. I guess people want that?

If you could change one thing about Companions:
In addition to what I've already said about "Happiness", I'll tackle this in list format.

  • Damage, Survivability: Eh. Mods take care of that easily.
  • Utility: Free vacuum so I don't have to remove a mod slot, PLEASE! And having the vac even when the Sentinel is kaput would be very welcome.
  • Precepts: I'd remove them as Mods and treat them like a Warframe's abilities, honestly. Then make it so they're not as situational. I can see why some would want a Helminth system for the pets.
  • Acquisition/Incubation: Eh. As I currently have everything except the Infestation Pets (Minus a Crecent Fox), I'm not bothered. But trading time for a specific species would be a nice QoL change to replace Imprints.
  • AI: Yeah, better pathfinding AI would be good for every Companion that walks. Even Specters and Syndicate Agents. I think Venari's commands should remain exclusive to her.
  • Modding: Having separate modding for damage would be a nice way to bring the organic pets on par with the robotic pets. IDK about cheaper, though.
  • Visuals: Fashion Frame would be fun to apply to the Companions in a better way. Dunno if I like making various species a cosmetic thing, though. Feels like that'd invalidate my grinding efforts.
  • Immersion: I don't think this is important right now, but it would be nice to have my inactive pets passively roam the Orbiter so they're not forever in cold storage. Maybe let one out at random. More animations isn't really needed right now, but it would be a nice touch.
  • New Companions: I like the idea of Bird Companions. They could be Cetus' version of modular pets! Rideable pets sounds fun, but I can't see that being practical outside of Planetary Free Roam.
  • Other: I think only the Sentinels could work as part of Archwing, and I can see why they're not there already. They'd likely glitch around all over the place at the speeds the Archwings fly. Though assigning Sentinels as Railjack defenders would be fun! I have no opinion on Pets getting Warframe buffs. Having a Pet as well as Helios wounds fun, but I doubt the devs would go for it. It's like Specter spamming, except they actually do things other than shoot bad guys. It could unbalance the game in a few places, if not done carefully.

Hopefully my feedback was enjoyed! I stayed up way too late typing this! Thought I would have been done two hours ago. TTuTT

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