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Railjack Crew and Electric Hazard bugs


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So the railjack crew keeps getting stuck randomly in their positions whenever you have them as gunners, it's random, so sometimes they start there and are already stuck, but sometimes you change roles and afterwards wanna change and you cannot because they're stuck in their gunner seats. 

The real kick, however, if they manage to get unstuck (which has only happened once in all the times I've been doing railjack which is a lot trust me) is when you get an electric hazard, which disconnects you from the crew, but get this, you get the electric hazard repaired but afterwards the effect prevails which cuts you off entirely form the railjack past the actual interactive controls, and NOT ONLY DURING THE MISSION, NO, YOU CARRY THE EFFECT into your dry dock wherever you go and it won't leave till you leave the dry dock, which just makes it annoying between each screen that has to pass to get railjack back to normal, always having to leave the dry dock between missions because you never know what you will carry from the previous missions, as well as the persistent markers which just makes for a recipe for disaster in any volatile mission since they clog up the entire screen while you're looking for the vents and the engineers. 

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