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Holiday-Themed Sentinel Cosmetics


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There was a bunch of things I'd hoped for that happened this halloween like the color pack DE released and the weapon skins along with the event which I'm not going any further into, but there wasn't really any love for the sentinels. no skins no heads,wings or things of that sort. i thought it woulda been cool to have a skin for the carrier which made it look like a jack-o-lantern with its mouth open like :O so it could still vacuum through something or maybe a vampire lotus head decoration. Idk, possibly even a santa hat for christmas i mean who wouldn't want to put a santa hat on their dethcube while its shooting people up. its just an idea though I'm sure they might have considered it at one point it might be nice to do next year.


EDIT: fixed a few grammar and typing mistakes i did, silly me.

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