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Deimos fishing is STILL unbearable, my frustration has peaked


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Not sure if this is the right place for this thread. So I came back after a little break and decided to try maxing out my standing - and boy do I regret it. Fishing has way too many problems for any sane person to sit through, which is unfortunately required to make any kind of progress. Where do I begin?

1. Spawn rate is atrocious for even the uncommon fish, good luck ever seeing rare ones even with bait. Often, just a handful of fish will spawn (at a hotpot no less!) and then nothing will ever spawn there again, even with no enemies around for miles.

2. Hit boxes are broken, especially Flagellocanth (I did a Google search on this one to see if it's just me because it's SO unbelievably hard, and found a thread from 2020 where a bunch of people claimed the same problem and one eventually said that it was fixed - apparently only on PC because these things are still impossible to catch on PS4. Too flighty, will literally fly so far away they despawn, impossible hitbox. Here's the thread https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1242108-flagellocanth-is-impossible-to-catch/#replyForm).

3. There's too much open space - fish can fly too far away where you can't follow, or spawn too far away to see their body or reasonably hit. You can't get closer because you're confined to the shore, so all those fish you waited for an hour to spawn and wasted bait on are going to get away, and there's nothing you can do about it. Having them not be confined to water was a novel idea but it just doesn't work as a mechanic. They need to be reigned in somehow or we need to be given infinite-range spears with 3x zoom.

4. Rare fish bait can only be bought for a standing cost... and literally the only use for these fish is to gain standing. But due to the other problems, this bait and as a result, these fish, are purely a waste because you'll never catch enough to make up the difference, let alone break ahead. Why can this not just be a blueprint that requires normal residue to craft? This is so unbelievably obvious that the choice not to make it craftable comes across as an intentional signal that you don't want us to bother engaging with fishing.

Overall, it seems like Deimos fishing was an exercise in departing from a perfectly good working system for no reason other than to be different, and utterly fails as a game mechanic because of this and the rampant bugs that go unaddressed for months (if you happen not to play on the one platform that matters). Please, for the love of Nidus, fix these issues so I can finally make some progress with the hours I'm putting in. If this has already been fixed on PC, then please look into bringing it over to consoles because news flash, they do still exist, and I guarantee we don't have the fix. Now I'm going to give up on Deimos and go back to grinding primes because at least that content works as intended. Or maybe a different game that ports bug fixes to the console version.

I'm sorry if this is strongly worded but I find it egregious that content which has been out for this long is still this unplayable. I hate insinuating that you don't care about consoles, but this is the kind of thing that has been giving us such an impression for years.

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21 hours ago, (PSN)manimal3009 said:

Same here. Every time I go to catch a fish I end up killing it instead of catching it and can’t finish the mission on heart of Deimos. 

Killing it you say 🤔 are you using the deimos fishing spear or something from cetus? Cause that could be the difference between a fishy life or death

Also in my opinion to the original post fishing is definitely not for standing only. There's a lot of craftables that need items from deimos fish so I'd say it's more of a resource gathering activity

Also im confused isn't the water on deimos.....squishy? Typically I just walk on top of it to position myself well. Where (genuinely curious as i havent tried all the fishing spots in deimos) are you confined to shore fishing?

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