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Ropalolyst Improvement


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The boss fight is extremely important to players, both because this is where you farm a rather valuable frame, and because it contains essential lore. Despite all that, Ropalolyst is quite possibly the buggiest boss fight I've played in Warframe. 

It's really cool to have a flying boss, the mechanics are cool as well, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to trash talk the design of it because it's honestly very fun to play... when there aren't any bugs involved. See, this is the only boss fight where I've had multiple people disconnect from intentionally because they knew a bug occurred and the boss became invincible, kept falling off the platform, or there was a black screen bug, which makes it rather frustrating to farm for all parties involved. The boss' animations and positioning is often out of place (wouldn't be surprised if that was the cause of many of the bugs) and I'd imagine that takes away a lot from the quality for many people, not just me. 

I don't know how much you guys can do about it, but I'll list a few things that happen and maybe the animation/coding team can take a look at it again:

- Boss clips through terrain regularly

- When luring the boss to one of those power conduit things, it often teleports instead of pathing towards it.

- It forces people onto a black screen bug, most possibly because of its reach and grab animation that puts either the warframe or the operator into a weird spot, which then gets permanently stuck, or something along the lines, not sure about this one because I haven't encountered it myself, my teammates have though.

- When moving onto the next phase, the animations of the platforms breaking off is not smooth at all, some parts of it disappears rather than break off.

- During the boss' last phase, its HP can often bug out to the point where it keeps resetting; while it's positioned at the edge of the platform and keeps falling off of it - in effect, the big laser gun doesn't finish it off, merely makes him disappear for the duration of the blast, then reappears with the same HP bug repeating until the game deems you have failed the mission.


I love Warframe a lot and this boss fight mission was my first big hiccup with the game bug-wise and visually, so I thought I'd try to bring some attention upon it again. I'll be praying for a revisit on the boss for a much needed round of fixing.

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