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~ Lydia ~ A Warframe Idea


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Name : Lydia

Gender : Female


Health : 75 

Shields : 135

Armor : 95

Energy : 130

Sprint Speed: 1.3

Polarities : 1 Madurai 1 Varazin

Exilus Polarity : None

Aura Polarities : Madurai

Progenitor Element : Viral

Theme : Cosmic Eye, Mist, Lantern of Secrets, Black holes

Description :

She holds the secrets of the cosmos, even the ones that are not deserving to be told. With her attacks, she can drive enemies mad while supporting her team with extra shields and armor.

Abilities :

Passive : Secrets

Whenever an enemy dies, there is a 50% chance to spawn a secret of her fallen enemy that Lydia can collect to gain 10% extra health and shields. Every soul is collected in her lantern. The more souls she collects, the more powerful her abilities become.  The maximum secrets Lydia can hold is 10.


1 : Unleashed Knowledge

Lydia can cycle through one of 2 abilities.


Lydia unleashes the secrets of her lantern, spending all of Lydia's secrets that she collected an turns them into souls, souls that comes in contact with an enemy explodes, dealing no damage but driving her enemies mad. Mad or Crazed enemies attempts to exterminate/kill themselves. Mad enemies have a 70% chance of spawning a secret upon death. Souls that come in contact with her allies enrages them, enraged allies have 30% more fire rate, and 32% percent more movement speed while also getting extra armor.


Lydia bends time and space in an area in front of her creating a black hole, causing enemies to fall in. Enemies who are stuck in the black hole deal damage over time. Lydia can recast this ability again to disorientate space and knock up enemies while ejecting all enemies who are stuck.


2 : Lantern Mist

Lydia goes into a meditative state where she exits her body using her astral form, in this state she is able to summon her lantern in an area, creating a cosmic mist around it, all enemies inside the mist are hidden. Hidden enemies cant see anything outside the mist. Lydia and her allies can enter the mist to disappear. Entering the mist with enemies in it will reveal all the enemies. Enemies who stay in the mist for too long are weakened, slowly dying while the lantern sucks all life force from them. The range of the mist scales with her passive. She can cast this ability again to call the lantern back to her. This ability's cooldown is reduced by 55% whenever she calls it back. 

Note : Lydia is extremely vulnerable in this state, be wise in using it.


3 : Isolde

Lydia summons the cosmic eye on a selected ally or enemy. The eye reveals nearby enemies while delivering a wave of 5 lazers on 5 different enemies per second. If an enemy has the eye, it temporarily gives the enemy a damage over time debuff.  When an ally has the eye, it makes them immune to debuffs. The immunity ends when the eye vanishes. The eye only lasts for 3.00 seconds.


4 : Untold Secrets

Lydia breaks her lantern, creating chaos around her. Enemies inside will have a 15% chance to get confused, 15% to get crazed/mad, 15% to get feared and 15% to get damaged over time. In the chaos, souls are summoned. Souls are immortal creatures that fly around the area. These souls knock enemies that bumps it, and it can also deal viral damage, decapitating the enemy. The duration and range of this zone scales with her passive. Additionally, Allies and companions inside the zone will be healed per second. It can only heal 15 health per second. The zone only lasts for 4 second (1.00 second per soul).


Quest :

Secrets of the Solar

Prerequisites Rising Tide, The War Within

In this quest you need to go to Darvo. Darvo explains to you about the Warframe that the corpus are using to grow more powerful. "It is said that they used some sort of special device to control this Warframe into speaking.". He tasks you to go on a spy mission on Carme, Jupiter where you would find the location where Corpus is using this Warframe. Upon completing Carme, you head down to Stickney, Phobos where you would have to capture the Leader of this group, you interrogate him to tell you where the other groups have fled with the Warframe. On a spy mission on Elion, Mercury, you find out that the Warframe has been tormenting Corpus. It is said that the Warframe shared a secret so heinous that it made everyone who heard it insane. The enemies have destroyed the Warframe's body. Corpus threw it's body parts at Kiliken, Venus. The corpus men who has heared the secrets eventually killed themselves. Going to Kiliken, Venus. You go on an excavation mission to find the parts of the warframe. Upon finding all of it, you noticed that something was missing, The Lantern. You learned that the Lantern can be found on Mot, The Void. Upon arriving there you see enemies, dead. As you follow the trail of blood and dead enemies you find Her. With her parts on your orbiter, how was she able to get them back? You learn that the lantern is her source of power. You fight her but all of your bullets go pass her. You can shoot the lantern to damage her, but this also damages you. Then, Lotus advises you to use abilities rather than bullets to damage her body. When she is weakened, you have the chance to charge to her and destroy her lantern with your parazon, causing a huge explosion leaving you with 1 health. "You need to survive her wrath for I assume 30 seconds Tenno. After that her body should no longer be able to launch destructive force." In this part, you are unable to heal or regenerate shields. After it, she dissolves into her lantern.

"Don't go wandering around looking for knowledge, Tenno. Especially the ones only Lydia can contain." - Lotus


PS I will be adding some images and stuff soon! Feedbacks and Comments are welcome!


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