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Hope for the Future, and Fan Story One Shot


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I play on the Xbox, and have only seen the cinematic clips of New War.  I am hoping to be able to save Natah.  Just had to toss my hope out there.  As I believe Fan Art and Fan Fiction are tributes to the stories those Fans love, I made a fanfic of a situation that includes saving Natah.  If anyone wants to comment I would love comments.  Though if you don't like it that's your choice, no need to flame.  I would definitely love to get [DE]Rebecca's thoughts, as she voiced Natah/Lotus.  I marked as spoilers as this story takes place beyond what can be seen on Xbox, so who knows, maybe I'm a Seer or something =^-^=  or maybe parts are liked enough that DE decides to use some parts of it.  Now wouldn't that be sweet.


Warframe – The Only Title You Will Ever Need


"Are you sure about this Operator?" Ordis asked. "She lied to you, betrayed you."


"She didn't lie to us Ordis. It was the Orokin that lied to us, they brainwashed her, wrapped her in chains and shackles. But you saw the messages. Also all the recourses taken from Alad V's Disruption caches. She knew we would be able to do that, she helped us gain the resources to fight Erra and protect the innocent people of this system." The Tenno retorted.


Ordis sighs, "Very well Operator. Shall I prepare your Hildryn?"


"No, I'll be taking Mesa Prime." The Tenno states. She knew she would need to be quick and precise.


On the Sentient Dreadnought.


Mesa was running, Spectre Rhino and Spectre Trinity at her sides. She entered a large room, and at the end lay Natah, the energy in her Sentient form flickering. "Please, don't let me be too late." The Tenno speaks to herself.


As she approaches, Natah faintly opens her eyes. "Tenno? What are you doin here? You need to go. It's not safe here."


The Tenno softly replies. "I came to help you. They were killing you to fight their war, just like they killed your Mother in the same way. You saved me in the past, now it's my turn to save you." As she knelt down to pick her up, Natah passes out. She is awkward to carry, but she gathers Natah in her arms and runs as fast as she can back to her landing craft.


Some time later on the Orbiter


Natah lay on a makeshift bed behind the couch. The Tenno was doing everything she could, using everything she had learned to save the being she saw as a Mother. She wasn't able to save her birth Mother, she wasn't able to save Margulis, but she would do everything she could to save Natah.


"Tenno, why are you trying to save me? I am a Sentient, the Enemy of the Tenno." Natah weakly asks.


"No, the Sentients were created by the Orokin as a tool, then they broke free. The Sentients were the enemies of the Orokin, not the Tenno. The Orokin used the Tenno as a tool of war against the Sentients. Until we too were able to break free. Now, most Tenno try to protect the innocent of the system. Most Grineer are lost in the fires of the War they wage. Some have joined Steel Meridian to help protect the innocent, some joined the Kavor to stop fighting all together. Most of the Corpus are lost in their greed and money. Some try to help those less fortunate, but its a small percentage.


As Natah passes out again, the Tenno calls out. "Ordis, I need you you get in touch with Maroo. I need her help."


"Operator! ...What help could Moomoo.....Apologies Operator, what assistance could Miss Maroo provide?"


Weeks Later in the Orbiter


Natah was once again in her Margulis mimic guise. She was sitting on the couch staring through the window at the stars, thinking.


The Tenno sat down next to her.


"The Void changed the Tenno. We stopped aging. Though we may mature in mind, we will forever be children. The Orokin originally wanted to kill us, except for Margulis. A child will always need a Parent. Where my birth mother died on the Zariman, Margulis became a Mother to the Tenno. She cared for us, loved us, helped us, defended us. Then the Orokin found a way to control us. They killed Margulis, found you and brainwashed you to be The Lotus, our new "Mother". The Tenno explained.


The Tenno continued in a quiet voice, "They controlled you, in order to control us. But they were to arrogant, to sure of their work. You actually came to care fo us. After Ballas took you from your Orokin prison on Lua and helped Erra wrap you in the chains of The Old War, you helped us through Alad V, even if he didn't realize. You sent messages to us in secret, helped motivate us, helped us find the tools we needed to protect the innocent from Erra. You still cared for us, for me."


"You can not choose your Family of the Blood, but you can choose your Family of the Heart. Natah, will you continue being Family?" The Tenno asks softly, as she falls asleep against her side.


Some time later.


Natah slowly gets up, trying not wo wake the Tenno. She walks over and looks at the Lotus mask. The child needed her. Not for orders or firm guidance, but for Love, Caring and Advise. Can I once again bare the mantle of The Lotus?


As she slowly reaches for the mask a voice speaks up from behind her softly. "You don't need the mask. For me, it use to represent Nostalgia for the past, the Love and Caring you gave. For you it represent the brainwashing and shackles placed on you by the Orokin. Now it is only a reminder that we can move forward, and break free of our chains and shackles. Let go of the title "The Lotus", let go of the title "The Sentient Queen". Your name is Natah, you are free and there is only one title you will ever need."


She felt soft arms circle her waist as she was hugged from behind. When she spoke there was a small undercurrent of confusion and nervousness. "What title is that?"


"Mother." It was spoken with such warmth. No, I can not be The Lotus, but my child doesn't need The Lotus. She just needs me.


She smiled and her response was equally warm. "Mother." She placed her hands over the hands on her waist.

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