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Did they change Lavos Status Duration mechanic ?



I was making another build with Lavos revolving around Status Duration but I realised I wasn't getting what I expected.

I'm pretty sure the resulted Status Duration from before was something like this
Status Duration = Weapon Status Duration * Lavos Status Duration
So it was rather easy to reach 36 Seconds status duration  if you had +300% Ability Duration and a +100% Status Duration mod on the weapon. That's how I remembered it.

But now it's like this
Status Duration = Lavos Status Duration * Base Weapon Status Duration + Modded Weapon Status Duration Bonus
With +300% Ability Duration and a +100% Status duration mod on the weapon I can now reach 24 seconds.
So even if you had 0% Duration you would have a 6 seconds Status if you had a +100% Status Duration mod on your weapon.

I tried to find old footage of players checking the status duration but all I can find is flashy guides to use the frame rather than the specifics around Status Duration.
Does anyone know if it was different before ?

I'm pretty sure I remember counting the seconds with a watch on multiple status duration tests but I can't remember if I did that with the weapons too,
I'm wondering if there was a change and if it was accidental or not because I can't find anything in the patch history related to it.

I got something decent to work with but I'm just wondering, some of these results from one weapon to another are kind of weird even right now.
Thanks for your time.

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