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[Warframe Concept] Simo, the Watchful Sniper


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Description: A calculating hunter, Simo uses his abilities to plunge enemies into the depths of winter before executing devastating stealth attacks with his custom sniper rifle.


Stats (at level 30)
Health: 300
Shields: 225
Armor: 100
Power: 300
Speed: 1.05


Passive: No Refuge - Enemies through walls are highlighted up to 25 meters away. Simo also has innate 3 meter punchthrough with snipers and 1.5 meters with all other weapon types.


1. Focused Fire (25 energy)
Increases weapon stability as well as granting bonus critical chance with every successfully landed shot. Automatic weapons receive lower increases per shot, while snipers gain a higher than average bonus. Missing a shot will subtract from the crit bonus, while headshots give double the effect.

Duration: 10/15/20/25 seconds
Strength: 15/20/25/30% weapon stability
               0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0% additional critical chance per landed shot (0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5% for automatic weapons, 2.0/2.5/3.5/5.0% for sniper rifles)
Misc.: 1.0% critical chance subtracted per missed shot (0.25% for automatics, 2.5% for snipers)

2. Concealment (25 energy + 3.5 per second)
Simo cloaks himself, becoming completely undetectable while stationary. Movement generates a slowly expanding radius around Simo within which enemies can detect him. The radius increases more rapidly when sprinting or bullet jumping, and will gradually shrink once Simo stops moving. Concealment also grants a crit damage bonus which builds over time when Simo is standing still and decays at an equivalent rate when moving.

Range: 6/5/4/3 meters (starting radius)
           30/25/25/20 meters (max radius)
Strength: 0.1/0.2/0.2/0.3x additional crit multiplier gained per second while stationary
Misc.: 1 meter per second radius expansion/contraction (3 mps when sprinting or bullet jumping)

Note: Both the starting and max radii scale inversely with range mods.

3. Permafrost (75 energy)
Creates a conical aoe on the ground which slows and deals constant cold damage. Enemies who die within it explode in an icy burst which has a high chance to freeze other enemies. Two instances of Permafrost can be active at once.

Duration: 12/18/24/30 seconds
Range: 15/20/25/35 degrees (cone width)
            12/14/17/20 meters
            3/4/5/6 meters (explosion radius)
Strength: 150/175/225/300 Cold damage per second
               350/500/750/1000 Cold damage + 25% enemy max health (explosion damage)
               30/40/50/60% slow

4. Cocytus (25 energy + 20 per shot)
Simo summons his scopeless exalted sniper rifle, Cocytus. Cocytus inflicts a guaranteed Cold proc in a small aoe with each shot and deals bonus damage to enemies afflicted with said status. Further bonus damage is dealt to enemies standing on Permafrost.

Range: 3 meters (aoe proc)
Misc.: 20% bonus damage to Cold afflicted targets; 20% to targets affected by Permafrost.



Fire Rate: 2.02
Accuracy: 100
Zoom: 3x (50% headshot damage)
Critical Chance: 30%
Critical Multiplier: 3.0x
Status Chance: 30%
Punchthrough: 3m

Impact: 156.2
Puncture: 218.6
Slash: 58.4
Cold: 84.7
Total: 517.9


Good to have this one finally done. I've always liked the idea of a sniper frame of some sort, and naming it after one the most well known snipers of all time just made sense. As always, feel free to suggest tweaks or point out anything I might have missed. Thanks for reading.

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23 hours ago, Nakiruh said:

are the buffs infinite scalling or will they have a limit?

Honestly, I went back and forth on that, before ultimately throwing up my hands and just posting it without a hard cap. Both skills have limitations that would generally limit how much you could stack their buffs, so I figured that would probably balance it out.

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22 hours ago, (XBOX)Valen Warden said:

I'd love to see what Simo looked like. Like, how much inspiration from the IRL Simo would the warframe draw from? Nice kit.

Well here is what the real Simo looked like. My artistic skills are sadly nonexistent, but I could imagine the Warframe version looking somewhat like him in his winter gear, with perhaps a bit of embellishment.

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i really like this!! :0 i play a more sit-back-and-attack-from-a-distance playstyle [so......sniper] so this frame seems like something i'd genuinely enjoy playing!! nice one!! :]


EDIT: i JUST realized this is about the White Death fella!! even better!!

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