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[Suggestion] Future Tileset - Grineer Skyhook/orbital City


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Hi, had this idea bouncing in my head for weeks now, hope you enjoy!


This tileset idea could be an opportunity for very vertical layout, with the environment and new enemies telling the story of Grineer society.


To illustrate this, I've done the following sketch and threw together a "quick" narrative to help visualize it all. 



Note: Not an artist at all, so appologies for less than stellar sketch.


The mission through the slums in the land between the two rivers was thankfully behind them – their contact had secured their infiltration through the heavily guarded spaceport to the orbital skyhook.


The Tenno ride the barge up the beam of energy reaching into high orbit, awed by the majesty of such a creation. Clearly not of brutish Grineer design. Perhaps of the Orokin or an even older age forgotten to the scions of man. The barge, a tall cargo and personnel shuttle, rides the energy beam from the surface; leaving behind the industrial pollution and the desperation of the Old Earth for the crowded orbit.


They see their target’s siblings before truly seeing it. Out the viewports, they see dozens of the so-called Hives. A score kilometres tall or more, these skyhooks were an attempt to curb overpopulation from below. They stayed through to that purpose, serving as platforms for the Grineer’s invasions of the rest of the system.


The target dwelled within the uppermost complex of the skyhook, far above their entry point. Exiting from the barge, they arrive in a disembarkation district dedicated to dealing with thousands of tonnes of cargo each day, and equal numbers of passengers. Higher exits of the barge release newborn soldiers eager to make their mark on history, to conquer the pests that stand before the Twin Queens.


It was of typical Grineer architecture, dirty with industrial waste and the sweat of countless clones bred only for thankless labour. Pitiful creatures were it not for their cruelty and hatred. They challenge the Tenno in large numbers, but flee to the shadows when enough are slain. They look on with hate and despair, doomed to die under the whips of their masters or the dangers of their work.


The Tenno manage to locate an express elevator, bypassing the shielded districts overlooking the Earth. The view would be spectacular had the knowledge of what lay below not soured those thoughts. The district itself is alive with activity – thousands of Grineer go about their lives, for the empire has more going for it than soldiers and power-hungry warlords, right?


A massive tanker from one of the new conquests arrives, blocking out much of the planet surface with its mass as it settles into one of the lower docks. Interesting, but irrelevant to the larger goal.


They continue the ride up, cutting through a patrol but find themselves having to divert through a slum built into the superstructure. Black market body modifiers sell their wares in this dark and dingy alleyway, corrupt members of the garrison sell treasures brought in by transport to shady dealers, whilst dreg clones try to barter their way up the hierarchy with accumulated wealth, stolen or otherwise.


They make their way through, cutting through any who bars their passage: criminal enforcers and thieves alike.


They arrive within the Garrison: a distinctly military district devoted to the regiment-strong force guarding the skyhook city. Fighters stand ready to launch in numbers enough to darken the skies. Boarding pods await deployment whilst anti-grav sleds patrol the station’s districts, their riders equally at home on them as they are on the brutal chariots that carried the pre-spaceflight Grineer to war.


They are spotted. The station comes alive with shouts, commands, jeers and threats. The target is aware. The target is afraid.


Hundreds of corpses line the path behind the Tenno as they come face to face with their target beyond the garrison. The Tower, the target’s home, is opulent – a far cry from the districts below. In comparison, it’s a palace, home to riches and wealth previously unseen by the Tenno.


They kill the target and his elite guard, their illegal body modifications and cybernetics proving no avail. The Tenno, cornered from behind by hundreds more, are directed by the Lotus to the target’s private teleportation platform. They await the platform to charge up, fighting off the garrison and the remnants of the target’s bodyguards before escaping in a flash of barely contained energy on a hidden ship.


Assassination Contract Complete.


Thanks for reading! Thoughts?


I realize its unlikely to happen or they will take anything I suggest, but I'm stupidly passionate for the Warframe universe and the game itself.

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A happy coincidence, I assure you haha. I only worked up the narrative and sketch today. Its meant to be more of a city or "hive" than a shipyard, sitting above the earth and connected by beams of energy to the planet (futuristic orbital elevators).

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I assume you don't follow livestreams, because this idea DE didn't just talk about, they even showed some concept art about it. The grineer shipyard if I am correct.

This is different.

Sounds amazing, well done. Vertical gameplay would be amazing! Places for long wallruns and such

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Thanks Skynin, I appreciate it :)


Sketch Notes:


- Some galleon ships scribbled in to show a sense of scale. 

- The structures to the right of the center station are meant to be "solar" collectors of the sort.

- The top leftmost section of the skyhook is meant to be the garrison (dots representing gun batteries) and the "Tower"

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I think it would be a great opportunity to chain missions together contextually: planetside infiltration of the orbital elevator (because the skyhook city is too well defended in space) > lower districts of the skyhook > military port > upper district and climax. That sorta thing. Two meta-tilesets would be at work here, Grineer Slums (with space elevator sub-set) and the Grineer Skyhook, with contextual levels generated based on the overall progress up the skyhook. Sounds achievable rather than one single monster of a level, allowing for multiple objectives, goals and the like - all building towards the finale.


Also a great opportunity for new enemies, though not specific to the chain of missions outside the assassination part:


Dregs - Outnumbering their warrior counterparts, dregs form the backbone workforce of the Grineer Empire - a haphazard variety of degenerate, mass augmented clones bred solely to service the upper classes and military.


Hounds - War beasts bred to serve in battle for thousands of years, these hounds serve their spiteful masters faithfully - patrolling territories and ships with equal capability thanks to their conditioned anatomy and six sets of legs. 


Houndmaster - Wielding a segmented whip cackling with energy (since DE are working on whips), Houndmasters control packs of...hounds on patrol, unleashing them on the innocent and enemy alike.


Bruiser - Black market body-mod dealers need protection against corrupt military factions muscling in on their territory, so they breed the ideal bodyguards and enforcers, subject to the same faults as the rest of their militarized race.


Just to name a few...


I'm really passionate about Warframe and its lore...

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