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Concept for some enemies.


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I anticipate by saying that it will only be words and 0 drawings, as I do not have any artistic skills.

Enemy 1

Name : (?)

Faction : Corpus

Description : Born from experiments that go far beyond the limit of madness, it is what comes closest to a perfect soldier. This unit is a symbiote created with corpus, amalgam and infested technologies. When on the battlefield, he is able to take the form of any enemy, object, or even warframe. When damaged too much, it emits a shrill scream that paralyzes any nearby unit, calling out any enemy within a radius of 350 meters, and any other similar symbiote within 700 meters. There have been cases where the symbiote has picked up weapons from the ground or stolen them from the hands of warframes, for use in ranged attacks, but usually tends to attack in close combat. Although he does not have an aesthetically robust physique, he possesses a very thick armor, and can regenerate his wounds, making his prolonged stay in battle possible.


Enemy 2

Name : Dreadnought

Faction : Grineer

Description : Hyper armored unit, equipped with a powerful 8-barrel rotating automatic cannon that fires armor-piercing shells, is a nightmare for anything that moves slowly. Its armor is physically impenetrable on the head, front of the body, and legs, while its arms are covered by a high HP reserve shield mounted directly on the weapon. On the back however, a part of the mechanical support system that allows it to move is exposed, and turns out to be its only weak point, which when destroyed, not only slows down immensely every movement of the Dreadnought, but allows it to break through the dreadnought. impenetrable armor. Immune to any ability that deals damage. He usually accompanies VIPs, or is placed on guard for important reactors or data consoles.


Enemy 3

Name : Infection spreader

Faction : Infested

Description : Despite being infested, this creature is a majestic quadruped, with the appearance of a Kubrow, with a body clad in armor that bounces bullets and blades when in motion. It moves fast, usually accompanied by other infested ones, and attacks from the distance with poisonous projectiles, but it can also jump and knock down any creatures vulnerable to knockdown, and hit them with a poisonous bite that not only leads to death in a short time, but ignores them a neurotoxin capable of reducing all their abilities, making them easy prey.


Enemy 4

Name : (?)

Faction : Corpus

Description : Robotic unit that uses 4 legs to move. Equipped with an upper body part that can rotate 360 ° like a turret, it has numerous weapons to effectively attack from any distance. It moves slowly, due to multiple layers of armor, and a very powerful shield generator built into the main body, it is extremely vulnerable to electrical damage, and magnetic status procs can sometimes disable its systems for a few seconds. Its range of weapons ranges from a long-range loadable cannon, to mortars to strike behind cover, to an anti-aircraft gun, to a magnetic liquid launcher, to machine guns with self-seeking magnetic shells.


Enemy 5

Name : (?)

Faction : Grineer

Description : Although grineers have limited IQ, and not advanced technological advancement, this elite of Grineer scientists is different. They are commonly found on the battlefield, and are able to heal their allies with powerful ranged heals, while using a particularly powerful shotgun, capable of knocking down their enemies who are too close. The uniqueness of this elite of scientists is that they have managed to develop a mutagen agent from some spores and biological material of the infested, which they can inject into the corpses of their fallen comrades, to turn them into extremely aggressive and unusually fast zombies. , which will attack warframes in melee.


I made these enemies to make the games a little less monotonous, and to add a small chance of failure to any mission, if you encounter one of these enemies, being that warframe, right now, is too simple a game (I know that warframe was designed as a simple game, but it is far too simple, and I find it fitting that enemies have new units among their armies).

Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D


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