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Tidy Orbiter


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Most of you guys will probably know that when decorating your orbiter, there's a slider that lets you decide how much (if any) dirt or rust you'd like in your interior. I'm quite a tidy person, so I chose to have none, but that's... not quite enough. 

In the back area, with the three doors that lead into the three rooms, there are cables sticking out from the top of the corridor, there are occasional electrical surges, and don't even get me started on the infested door. I'd honestly like either a slider, a segment, or even a cosmetic skin for these areas that fix them up and give the area a proper, "perfect" look with no loose wires, no surges; and possibly a clean up of all the infested mucus, replaced by something more... eco-friendly like a symbol on the door that still denotes what lies beyond that entrance.

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