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Warframe concept: Hydragyra - the liquid metal warframe


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The name comes from the Latin word for the element mercury which goes with the fluid metal theme. The result of an experimental design thought to have been left unfinished since the fall of the Orokin empire, the concept for Hydragyra revolves around the themes of experimentation, shapeshifting, and direct bodily control of enemy units to make full use of their abilities and weapons.


Maxed rank base stats:

Armor - 120

Energy - 0

Health - 1060

Shield - 55


Abilities use health (body mass) instead of energy.

Passive: heavy landings translate the frame smoothly into liquid form at no cost

-Liquefy: Dissolve into a rapidly moving mass of nanites with innate evasion and reduced visibility to enemies

-Surrogate: Activate underneath an enemy to enter the victim's orifices and control them from the inside. Attacks are infused with nanites and targets suffer increasing damage over time as the machines eat their way through. Targets killed temporarily increase the frame's max health.

-Spinal puncture: Spend health to shoot forth tendrils of frame's nanite mass which burrow into enemies whose backs are turned. Enemies who survive stay tethered to frame and suffer periodic damage pulses which deal greater damage the more enemies are affected. Untethered enemies which touch a tether are also damaged by the pulses.

-Inundate: Begin violently spewing forth nanite mass in all directions which shreds enemy health and armor, and coats allies against damage. Press and hold to command nanites to assemble into a spike at the cursor which throws enemies standing in the way. Held weapons may still be used while the ability is in effect.

The goal of this frame is to ambush and wipe out groups of enemies using Surrogate as a means to take out more isolated enemies, setting up additional health for Spinal puncture. Spinal puncture meanwhile, is best used after using Liquefy to quickly reposition yourself behind unaware or distracted enemies. Inundate can be used to finish off any survivors while also helping your team.

Constructive criticism is appreciated!

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