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Gunblades Bullet Dance quick combo


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  • default combo, Automatic Rhumba (E + E + E + E)

Slow (because of the hand-switching animation) but high damage (see the wiki table)

  • Walk Shooting (not default, I name it myself): (⬆+E) pause (⬆+E) pause (⬆+E)

Maybe some of you are using it already.

Very versatile and mobile.

Less Damage, 100% action multiplier (which is actually the first short from Magnum Mambo).

  • Spam Shooting (not default, I name it myself): E + (⬆+E) + E + (⬆+E) repeat indefinitely...,

key sequence of one cycle: (you can actually release both E+W at the same time at the end, and don't say it even though you know what it is ok? :D )



Faster Combo build up.

Relatively stationary comparing to all other combos.

Lower damage.

Quite difficult to execute the key sequence.


Any more alternative combos from gunblades users? I need to check about High Noon too.







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