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Warframe community is very unhelpful


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I don't think I've ever asked for help in Warframe; I've used Recruitment Chat to find other players who want to do the same content that I do, though (depends on if that counts as help?).  And I have helped a variety of players.

Recommendations that may help you get better results:

  • Make sure you're asking for help in the Recruitment Chat channel.
  • Be specific about what you want.  "I need help beating the Venus boss" is going to get you more results than something like "I need help"
  • Your odds increase if you ask during "peak" hours.  Saturday afternoon, for example.
  • This is hopefully obvious, but be polite and have a positive attitude when asking for help. You catch more flies with honey.
  • The people who can see Recruitment Chat are constantly changing.  You may have to ask multiple times until the right person sees; it may take awhile.  Don't spam, post once every 1-2 minutes, and be patient.
  • If in-game chat isn't working well, try using the Players Helping Players forum on this site.  You probably won't get instant results, but I've never seen someone go unhelped.

Also, it may depend on what you want help with.  If you want help farming rare items, for example, people will probably be less likely to help you, because the goal of that is to just endure for an undetermined amount of time.  In my experience, helpers want to assist people with overcoming specific challenges; they are less inclined to just grind with you for hours, unless they are also hoping to grind for that specific item.

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XBox can be spotty with people willing to help out. Comparing Fashion Frames and puffing up their armchair egos is the only reason some are there. I try to help out when I can, I started this game blind and soloed everything except Ropo and the Arenas because I couldn't find help.

Also, a lot ask if I want Plat for helping, no Tenno, use your Plat for warframe slots, or palettes. I never ask for anything except pay it forward, help another player when you can. 

I've only been here a year roughly, and I'm only MR15 but kindness exists at all levels people, we have enough to deal with IRL that it doesn't need to come here too.

Enjoy the game, don't get discouraged.

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On 2021-05-24 at 4:24 AM, (PSN)XSBXHunter said:

I'm master rank 12 and never had any help (I help people all the time) and everytime I ask for help in anything no one helps am I the only one who gets this? 

It changes based on platform and region.  PC is extremely helpful, at the right time of day. 

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How are you asking for help?

I often see "I need help" in recuriting chat, but that goes from "I need help to get a controle module" that you can clear in 3 minutes vs "I need help with Hydrolyst Hunter. What do you mean you don't want to help me with that?".

Always be specific, so people know what they're getting into.


What do you need help with?

Not many people want to sit down and help you with a 20min+ mission. Just keep asking and you might get lucky though.

Stuff like "Need help ranking my weapons" reads like "I want to leech and do nothing", sure there are some people that want to show off their new Saryn/Mirage, but don't expect these to show up everytime.


Do you actually need help?

That's another thing I'm seeing, "Need help farming Gauss", from a person that should be well enough equipped to do it on their own.

In this case, don't ask for help. Host a mission!

"H Gauss Farm 1/4" looks so much more enticing than someone (maybe) asking to get carried.

You don't need to be able to do it on your own, but if you team up with 3 others that can't do it on their own, it suddenly becomes possible! This game is a coop shooter afterall (no I don't care you soloed everything in 5 years random reader), so teaming up for harder tasks is a good idea! Have some confidence and become a host.

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On 2021-05-24 at 6:24 PM, (PSN)XSBXHunter said:

I'm master rank 12 and never had any help (I help people all the time) and everytime I ask for help in anything no one helps am I the only one who gets this? 

That's how life works. How much you help strangers doesn't affect the amount of help that you'll get.

And secondly, what do you need help on? If it's like killing jackal, yeah I've seen a lot of intermediate players like you eager to help newbies. But if you ask help for like, killing ropalolyst... That's a long fight, man. And require much better gears than jackal. Unless you find people with common interests, it's a though ask.

Think what you want about the community. I'll be the first one to admit that these people can be pretty savage. But demanding getting help just because you help others is not cool.

If anything, try to enjoy warframe as a solo game with occasional co-op aspect, not the other way around. That's how most players who go far do.

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