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Name : Suta

Gender : Female

Description : Suta uses a mixture of unknown substances, known as "stardust", which allows her to alter the effects of gravity on bodies, with stunning and powerful results.


Hp : 150

Shields : 50

Energy : 170

Armor : 250

Speed : 0.95

Passive : Killing an enemy covered in stardust restores Suta 5 energy points. This effect also applies to allies. Kills can be done with both weapons and skills.

Ability 1

Releases a flurry of stardust, which hitting enemies will negate the effect of gravity on them. Enemies will be able to move, but as soon as they jump, they will no longer be able to land. The recoil of their own weapons will make them fly, and when hit by impact or blast damage, they will fly. Allies affected by the ability will be less affected by gravity.

Ability 2

Violently rips the stardust from the skin of enemies, also tearing pieces of armor and flesh, increasing the stats of the next skill used.

Ability 3

Create a stardust barrier that orbits around you a couple of meters away. Allied bullets that hit it will fly faster and be less affected by gravity, while enemy bullets that come into contact with the barrier will fall to the ground as if they weighed 20 tons. If an enemy comes into contact with the barrier, they will be extremely slowed for a few seconds.

Ability 4

Suta contaminates a large area around it with unstable stardust. Enemies hit by stardust, and who are inside, will have alternating phases of anti-gravity and super gravity, in which they will find themselves flying out of control, almost not being able to move, supreme damage when they fall from the antigravity phase in that of super gravity. Allies within the contaminated area will suffer similar effects, alternating phases of extreme agility and the possibility of dodging bullets, phases of minopre agility, and thickening of the skin that causes them to suffer less damage



Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments (I don't want to put the stats, maybe I'll do it later).

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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