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Another Oberon Rework Proposal


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I've been thinking about this topic for almost a year now, bear with me but I feel like Oberon is getting left behind.

> His biggest problem is that his absolute base doesn't incentivize the player to use him. It has caused him to be completely outclassed by other frames. He has no real kit:

Oberon has no passive that makes you think of fun or interesting ways to use his abilities. The IMPLIED one is Rage/hunter adrenaline, but I stress IMPLIED because it takes up a mod slot and isn't built in. Baruuk has become one of my favorites recently because he has a satisfying feedback loop: Use damage reduction and CC >drain restraint > powerful exalted weapon > repeat. Oberon is running for the worst passive in the game, tying in no way to his gameplay. Excal has damage with swords, because he uses swords. Baruuk has DR with restraint, because his kit is based around reducing incoming damage and you already want to fuel his 4. Ash has boosted slash, because you want to be using slash. See what I'm getting at? 

A rez'ed Kavat informs the player all of nothing about how to use or mod Oberon in an interesting way.

> Wisp

Wisp doesn't need a nerf obviously. She's well designed. But she outclasses Oberon in every single way and is emblematic of all his problems.

Healing: She's doing everything he does but better. Motes provide VASTLY better heals with no energy drain but duration based sentries instead, and that's excluding the other two buffs.

Tanking: Health mote increases her health. Invisibility. Shock mote for quick CC.

Damage: Still need a radation proc with Wisp? Breach Surge. Like Smite, Hallowed Ground and the blind from Reckoning packed together. And that's excluding Speed, Shock, and her 4. 

By the way, with the exception of her limited case use 4, NONE of this is based around drain.

If this continues, Oberon will end up as a pre-rework Vauban. His whole playstyle and conditions are serverely outdated. He needs a rework from the ground up, not a tweak. Ideally I want him to function as Warframe's Zenyatta. The reason why I gravitate to either of them is that they both buff allies and debuff enemies. Healers with an offensive twist that make them self capable guardians.

>Okay, the actual Rework:

First things first: Scrap his passive entirely. 

Suggestions for new passives: 

(Best Case Potential Passive) Oberon does 15% more damage per Radiation proc on an enemy. Every enemy killed using radiation charges a meter that denotes "undergrowth armor" providing different levels damage reduction. (Probably the best of the bunch)

(Potential Passive) Built in Rage, since Rage and/or Hunter Adrenaline has become neccessary on most builds due to Renewals terrible energy economy.

(Potential Passive) For all damage that Oberon takes, he deflects 60% of it within a 10 meter radius in the form of splintered wood. For every 2000 health sacrificed, the splinters with coalesce on Oberon's current location and health him over a 12 second duration for double the strength of his Renewal.

(Potential Passive) Oberon has a low percent chance per strike to spawn roots on an enemy that pull other enemies in a 8 m radius for a short short time, probably less than 5 seconds. 

In any case I would like the implementation of a meter that affects his 4 in someway (ie Baruuk, Atlas, Sevagoth) for the sake of this argument, we'll be using the best case scenario.


Expends 25 Energy: As a single target ability, it does very little in the game other than being a quick spam for more rad procs. First of all, scrap Smite infusion as a mod and integrate it as a hold/tap mechanic. Let Smite Infusion run as is current to it's current incarnation. Tapping Smite causes a root to pick up the target and slam it into the ground, removing the target's armor. After the slam, the explosion of orbs fly out as it functions now but every orb guarantees a radation proc. Any enemy affected by the orbs also apply radiation damage to other enemies.

>Hallowed Ground

Expends 50 energy: Hallowed Ground already functions relatively well. It will remain similar to how it is now but slightly buffed as a key part of the kit. Up the base status chance for radation procs from 15% to 20%. Up the base damage from 100 to 250. Dramatically up the base range from 15m to 25m. Establish Hallowed Ground as the key part of Oberon's wheelhouse and the strongest way to generate undergrowth armor. Hallowed Ground provides higher Iron Renewal armor, drains a small amount of energy for every enemy killed on it and has a higher energy orb generation chance for each enemy killed on it. (Why? Once again Oberon is currently being outmoded. Hallowed Ground is competing with Spectrosiphon)


By far the most frustrating part of his current kit. Scrap Renewal entirely and change it to a duration based wave that lasts 40 or 30 seconds at base. Some thematic cosmetic should be in place to show this. Why would this be a problem when we have both Wisp motes, Protea's sheild drone and Baruuk's daggars? Optionally, this radial drone can also affect enemies in some fashion.


Expends 100 Energy*: Alot of people like Reckoning but try and keep the perspective of Oberon competing with other frames in mind. Some people, even Rebecca, are calling 4s "Ultimates" now. And as far as that terminology goes, Oberon's ultimate is wildly unimpressive. It takes multiple casts to strip armor and stunlocks both you and the proximal radius of the room for a few seconds. That's about it. Blind is negligible and hardly ever produced. None of his abilities are any hail mary spectacles that really kill anything.

Here's my idea: People want armor strip and people want stun lock right? So let's find away to give both of those in one cast and incentives the player to use the rest of Oberon's abilities. On cast, Oberon with expend all overgrowth armor in a 20 meter base radius explosion. This explosion spawns 7 spectral kubrows, 10 if casted on hallowed ground tying into his whole nature theme. The kubrows  quickly run through enemies and  remove their armor completely removed in a SINGLE CAST.

(I can already hear people complaining that with a wide enough range, you could apply the strip to more enemies simultaneously, see below)

An important distinction to make is how it will be quick and widespread. Think Garuda's 4. After the armor strip, the kubrows will draw fire and preform finishers for the remaining duration. After all the duration of the ability is over, they dissapate in a 8 m radial blind. The level of undergrowth armor expended by the 4 ties into the energy reduction of the ability up to 70%

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